2018 Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick Review
Kubota prides itself on building UTVs that can outwork just about anybody. We had a chance to take the new 2018 Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick for a test drive.
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2018 Kubota RTV-X1120 Unveiled
According to Kubota, the new 2018 Kubota RTV-X1120 delivers all the power, bells and whistles at a head-turning price for a diesel-powered UTV.
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Kubota Recalls 2013-15 RTV400 and RTV500 Models
Steering shaft can break Kubota, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, has recalled 2013-15 RTV400 and RTV500 UTVs. According to the re…
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Kubota Adds New Convertible RTX-X1140 to UTV Line
Kubota has added a new model to its RTV-X Series of UTVs the diesel-powered RTV-X1140 with K-Vertible cargo conversion system.
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Kubota Announces U.S. Manufacturing Expansion

Kubota has announced plans to increase production capacity for Kubota equipment in the U.S. by building a new manufacturing plant and expanding its existing operations in Gainesville, Ga.

The company’s expansion plans come on the heels of KTC’s recent announcement that it will relocate its U.S. headquarters to Grapevine, Texas, in an effort to get closer to its major markets and customers.

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2014 Kubota RTV X-Series Review
2014 Kubota RTV X Series Review: On an unseasonably cold and snowy October morning Kubota gave us the opportunity to get behind the wheel of its new RTV X Series of diesel powered UTVs.
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2012 Kubota RTV400Ci Preview
2012 Kubota RTV400Ci Preview: Kubota has expanded its UTV lineup with the new RTV400Ci. This compact UTV features a new air cooled single cylinder engine and a newly designed continuously variable transmission with internal clutch.
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2005 Kubota RTV 900 Review

The all-terrain vehicle market is big and getting bigger—attracting at least one new manufacturer a year. But when I saw that Kubota was building an ATV (the company calls it an RTV) I wondered if someone wasn’t casting their bait into the wrong pool.Granted that utility versions of most ATVs have emerged as the dominant design (rather than the two-wheel drive sport type) but what does a tractor builder know about an ATV? Apparently, quite lot.

I recently had an RTV 900 out working on my property in northern Ontario and that experience left me with some definite impressions on the machine that Kubota figures is going to make inroads for them in this lucrative market.

First, though, I have to state the obvious. At 1,800 pounds and five feet wide, the RTV doesn’t fit in the bed of your pickup. It’s also too big for a conventional snowmobile trailer and with the side by side seating for three, it doesn’t navigate normal ATV trails very well.

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