Mountain Motorsports Conyers

Rated #28 in Georgia
899 Iris Drive S.E.
Conyers, Georgia
Phone: 866-461-3632
User Reviews
  • By This information is required (I visited this Dealer) on Aug 20, 2016

    I visited this location in May and inquired about a new Atv. Sale representative was knowledgeable until it came to finance, he told me for them to look at financing it would only be a soft hit. He was wrong, they need more knowledge on this.

    I had two trade ins, the manager was nothing but ...

    I then called back to inquire about the Atv i wanted, no one ever called me back or they were to busy all 4 times I called. I just gave up and drove and extra 32 miles to get the new Atv at the location at Mall of GA.

    I tried to get the hard hit reversed and even talked to the manager at Conyers location, which he was unwilling to help with this.

    If you want to buy a nice Atv from Moutain Motorsports which I would suggest go to the location at Mall of Ga were there are people willing to help and not insult your intelligence.

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  • By Tracey G (I am a Customer) on Oct 29, 2015

    My husband purchased a bike from Mountain Motorsports (MM) on September 18th, Trey was our salesman. He ordered parts that were required for the bike on that same day. The parts arrived within a reasonable time, but some were missing. He called MM on September 29th to discuss the missing parts, ...

    My husband called MM on 10/26 to ask them where the parts are, as he hadn't received them yet. My husband talked to someone in the parts department who said that she couldn't find any information on the parts and would have to put him on hold while she investigated. Another lady came on (whose name my husband didn't catch) and she advised him quite confidently that the parts had been delivered to him on 9/28. My husband asked if she was sure and she stated that she was positive and had the paperwork in her hand showing that the parts had been delivered. My husband asked her how it is possible for parts to be delivered on 9/28 when they were supposed to have been ordered in the beginning of October? She put him on hold, came back and advised that they were ordered and would be delivered either that day or the next.

    10/29 - Received the parts via FedEx, with a ship date of 10/27 on the package - seems it was actually not shipped until my husband called their office to discuss the fact that he had yet to receive them. The parts themselves were not very expensive or deal breaking, but the run around given to my husband by MM to get these small parts was ridiculous!! Not only was the run around for the parts ridiculous, but he received a form letter from a manager at MM, but the name and department of the manager was left blank. My husband was congratulated on the purchase of his ____. They didn't even bother to fill in what he had actually purchased, it was left blank. They didn't even offer him the common courtesy of a completed form letter!

    The form letter was to tell my husband that his first service was coming up and he was to call and schedule it, but he didn't purchase the service contract with them.

    Neither of us will ever do business with this company again and we most certainly will never recommend them to anyone we know.

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  • By Tim Borre (I am a Customer) on Jul 01, 2014

    Great showroom and the best prices around but that is it. Don't return calls, Parts, Sales, and Service don't communicate. They are all about getting bikes out the door and that is it. My salesman Rick was Ok but even he didn't verify things he told me. Knowing what I know now I would have bought ...

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  • By Joe Willams (I am a Customer) on Feb 07, 2014

    All you are is a dollar sign to these rip off experts! Great looking dealership very nice I guess you can pay for a multi million dollar facility when you rip everybody a new one!

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