2016 Yamaha YXZ1000R

ATV.com Sport UTV of the Year – Winnner

In this year’s most anticipated release, Yamaha delivered the 2016 Yamaha YXZ1000R. This pure sport machine comes as Yamaha drops into the world of high power and long travel machines with a bang. The incredible power pouring from the inline fuel injected, 12-valve DOHC, liquid cooled 998cc triple cylinder engine is quite fascinating and the engine’s heart-pounding redline of 10,500 rpm makes you take notice. But the power of the YXZ1000R is just one slice of the pie.

Yamaha introduced the first sequential shifting transmission in the market with a console-mounted shift lever and floor-mounted clutch just like a street rod. This sends the fun factor to the stars. The comfortable high back seating combined with a well laid out cockpit makes this Sport UTV a blast to drive. Add in some FOX suspension and long travel control arms and you have a desert assassin ready for battle. We are fully aware that many readers love their belt drive CVT machines. Yes, there were several other UTVs in the Sport segment this year, but if you look at pure innovation in this machine, from the shifting to the engine platform and its potential, Yamaha has stepped out with something that no one else had in a big way. Growth in engineering is what built this industry and not being afraid to add something new is a huge part of that. We love it and that’s why it gets our nod for best of 2016.



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