Top Seven Uses For a UTV on a Farm or Ranch

Seth Fargher
by Seth Fargher
Where much of the population tends to view UTVs as a toy designed for recreational activities, a great many users count them as a tool and necessary part of daily life. Having a UTV on a farm or ranch is an invaluable tool.

Farmers and ranchers rely heavily on these machines for any number of tasks that would be complicated or simply inconvenient for a pickup truck or other piece of equipment. The list of uses for a UTV in this type of environment is nearly endless and while we in no way claim this as all encompassing, we feel like these seven categories pretty much cover the bases for the most popular uses of a UTV on a farm or ranch.


UTVs are incredibly helpful when it comes to cleaning up debris, cutting and hauling firewood or any sort of property maintenance. Whether you’re hauling equipment to the job site or carrying refuse to a burn pile, a UTV is like a Swiss army knife; so convenient and so helpful you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.


Feeding animals can be quite a task, but a UTV certainly makes it easier. Because they are more compact than a pickup, it’s easier to get them inside a building near your food source where a truck or trailer might not be able to go. It’s also not at all uncommon to see ranchers driving livestock between pastures from the seat of a UTV. So long noble steed!

Accessing Hard to Reach Places

When you’ve got hundreds or thousands of acres of land, making sure all your fences are still standing can be quite a job. Because property boundaries frequently lie in less traveled areas, a UTV is the perfect solution for accessing those hard to reach places where a pickup truck just won’t cut it.

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Whether it’s hauling bags of corn to a deer feeder or driving yourself out to a stand or a duck blind, a UTV is perfect for getting you and your equipment to those hard to reach places. Of course the end goal is putting meat in your freezer, so having a UTV to help haul out your prized kill is infinitely better than packing it out on your back.

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From moving equipment, to pulling trailers or even launching a boat, UTVs make towing incredibly easy and efficient. What’s more, your pickup will see less wear and tear since it wasn’t designed to be driven across rough pastures and fields regularly.


With many utility Side-by-Sides capable of hauling 1,000 pounds and towing up to 2,000 pounds, a UTV is capable of pulling or hauling most of what you need to do your job. From mowing fields, to planting or harvesting crops small sections of crops, repairing roads and general farm “maintenance,” a UTV is the vehicle of choice for thousands of farmers and ranchers around the country.


When the work is done, everyone enjoys letting their hair down and having some fun. With so much competition from OEMs today, the performance of utility and sport utility UTVs is at an all time high. Even many true blue utility Side-by-Sides are capable of spinning the tires and making for a fun day on the trails.

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Seth Fargher
Seth Fargher

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