With summer just about here, it’s time to build up that summer wardrobe. For dirt bike and ATV enthusiasts, Fox racing has long been a brand we know and trust. Now Fox has gone a little more mainstream as well, making it more fashionable than ever. For those who want to look good and show off their love of all things moto, Fox Racing casual clothing is a major part of our style. Luckily there are some sweet deals to be had and just in time for the summer season. The best part is, you can gear up the whole family and still have money left over to fill the gas tanks on everyone’s ATVs.

Fox Checklist T-shirt – Men’s

Fox Checklist T-shirt - Men’s

I remember my first Fox Racing t-shirt. It had the classic Fox logo with a splash of day-glo colors, all on a heavy-duty white shirt. It looked sweet and was completely fashion-forward, like most of Fox Racing’s designs. I wore that shirt all over the place before a bit of mud from the Red Bud MX track permanently stained it after I got too close to the track while watching the national MX race one 4th of July weekend. Fox Racing shirts are still just as cool, like the 100% cotton shirt with durable graphics. Choose from black, blue or white and save 36%.

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Fox Racing Legacy Zip-Up Hoodie

Fox Racing Legacy Zip-Up Hoodie

I met my wife while I was wearing a Fox Racing hoodie. Coincidence? I think not. I’m not saying you will meet the significant other of your dreams while wearing one of these 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester fleece, full-zip hoodies, but I’m not-not telling you that either. It certainly can’t hurt your chances. The classic Fox Head logo is soft-printed across the front and you can save 44% on either a blue or red one right now. Don’t worry, you’ll come across as both stylish and thrifty. Hoodies are good to have anytime, too. Perfect for chilly mornings at the track, or for going to class.

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Fox Racing Check Yo Self Flexfit Hat

Fox Racing Check Yo Self Flexfit Hat

When I was in college I wore a Fox Racing hat to a party. This absolutely beautiful girl walked up to me and commented on how much she liked my hat. She took it and started wearing it around the party. Every few minutes, she’d come over and flirt with me so I let her wear it. When her slightly drunk boyfriend showed up with his hockey teammates and loudly asked who’s hat it was, I did what any sane moto-head would do – I bailed. Better to buy a new hat and save my teeth. This hat is Flexfit and will stretch to fit your head. It is made from 67% Polyester / 30% Rayon / 3% Spandex and looks as sweet as you’d expect. And with it being 48% off right now, if you have to bail out and leave it behind to save yourself from a beating, at least you didn’t pay a lot for it. Heck, at this price, get two so you have a backup.

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Fox Racing Women’s Throttle Maniac T-Shirt

Fox Racing Women’s Throttle Maniac T-Shirt

I could be the type of guy that gets his wife some Fox Racing t-shirts so she’ll match me and my style. While I have bought her some, I don’t really have to. She buys them herself, not so she can match me, but because she also rides. That’s right – hot spouse who also rides. There’s a lot of them out there, too. You just need to know where to look. This particular 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester shirt looks sweet, so I’ll probably get one for her. And with it being 32% off, it’ll let me spend a little more on another shirt for someone. I’m not saying it’s going to be a shirt for me, but it probably will be.

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Fox Racing Youth Legacy T-Shirt

Fox Racing Youth Legacy T-Shirt

When you have a wife, well, that leads to children and mine are awesome. It’s hard today to keep kids away from video games all the time, but dirt bikes and ATVs can help a lot. Get your kids into riding as early as possible and enjoy the time you have with them to work on their skills and passion for the sport. My latest favorite Fox Racing clothing isn’t the stuff I wear, but the stuff I bought my kids to wear. The Legacy t-shirt is great. It is made from a comfortable 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester blend and has the classic Fox head logo on the front. You can score one in black, red or white. I don’t know about you, but my kids would have the white one trashed in no time. They all look good though and are 33% off, so you can buy a couple. It’s a great way to outfit the whole family in clothing that says, “We Ride.” Who couldn’t get behind that?

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