Gear Up for International Off-Road Day on October 8th

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

The crew at never need an excuse to saddle up and hit the trail in our powersports machines – but we certainly won’t turn up our noses at the notion of an official day to celebrate the sport. That’s what is on tap for October 8. International Off-Road Day, initiated by Can-Am, is back for round two.

As before, it’s meant to be a day for dirt-loving gearheads around the world to celebrate their love of the outdoors and getting out to places they like the most. In a fit of corporate goodwill, companies like Can-Am are donating to off-road organizations around the world to help make a positive impact in the communities where we ride.

“We are dedicated to making International Off-Road Day a truly global celebration of our passion for riding,” said Julie Tourville, marketing rep at Can-Am. “This year, we are also taking a stand to make sure everyone feels like they belong in the Off Road Livin’ riding community by donating to organizations that support safety, riding etiquette and safeguarding the environment.”

International Off-Road Day

These types of initiatives are great for the sport, especially since they tend to help attract new people to the ATV and UTV lifestyle. After all, some folks may feel intimidated not just by learning the controls of a new machine but also knowing the best places to ride and where the good trails are located. Sure, many places across the country are getting better at signage, and easily accessible apps like Polaris RideCommand provide near inch-perfect trail directions but taking that first turn of the wheel can be intimidating. International Off-Road Day, and other programs of this ilk, are designed to mitigate those barriers to entry.

In addition to stars like Travis Pastrana and Molly Taylor taking part in rides at locations around the world for International Off-Road Day, Can-Am itself will be at the Sand Hollow Trail Hero in Utah. The event is built around joining together the drive for more access and awareness to our trail system and sport.

Share your adventures

No matter where you are riding on International Off-Road Day, go ahead and share your adventures on social media by using the hashtag. See you on the trail!

Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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