Hot Seat: How Quickly Could You Exit Your UTV If It Was on Fire? + Video

Seth Fargher
by Seth Fargher
Talk about urgency!

A fire is every UTV racer’s worst nightmare. In desert racing, it’s not just a matter of unbuckling your seatbelt and swinging open the door. Most racers have air hoses, radio cables and don’t forget, most highly modified race UTVs don’t have doors, leaving the occupants to scramble out the window.

Seth Fargher
Seth Fargher

Growing up in Oregon, most of Seth's involvement in the powersports world was limited to what he saw in magazines and videos. Following a brief stint in the corporate world, Seth took a flying leap (literally) and moved to California to pursue a career in freestyle motocross. Though short lived, the opportunity immersed him in the industry and is now a well-established off-road writer.

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