Accessorize Your ARGO XTV to Make It the Ultimate Hunting and Fishing Vehicle

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Get more out of hunting season with ARGO

Fall is rapidly turning into winter across the nation, meaning three things: winter tires are getting installed, hunting season is underway, and the ground is going to get mucky.

Very mucky, in some places. And while hunting and fishing can certainly be a glorious pastime, trudging through a boggy marsh to chase after that animal – or even just get into position – isn’t exactly many enthusiasts’ idea of a good time. Fortunately, this is where the folks from ARGO can help.


Unlike a traditional Side-by-Side, ARGO XTVs are designed to swim through water and marsh before climbing out on the other side of the pond and continuing on its way. These rigs are truly amphibious, meaning their drivers can get into – and out of – spots that would stymie a lesser machine.

And that’s just the standard model. One of the great things about ARGO is its vast catalogue of gear, so owners can deck out their XTV even further. Additional accessories range from a convertible top to keep all hands dry to a cargo bedliner that’ll easily contain the day’s catch, plus anything else you’re carrying. And, since ARGO XTVs are fully amphibious, some owners even choose to add outboard motor mounts in order to propel their vehicle through water even more quickly than its stock powertrain.


It’s this versatility that makes ARGO such a favorite with the hunting and fishing crowd. With various options to accessorize each unit, anyone can set up their ARGO to fit their exacting needs. Do you find yourself hammering down the pole line in search of four-legged prey? Then the convertible top might not be a bad idea. And, since winter will be here before you know it, the same goes for the 80” wide steel blade snowplow and driver and passenger cab heater. Comfort can make all the difference between an enjoyable hunt and a miserable one.

Meanwhile, those who prefer chasing after aquatic targets may enjoy the aforementioned outboard motor mount — or, at the very least, the ARGO windshield and wiper kit to help keep water at bay when your rig takes a dip. Thanks to the multiple accessory options, you can fully customize your ARGO into your dream hunting and fishing vehicle – one that can take you anywhere you want to go, and do pretty much anything you ask it to along the way.


If you’re interested in customizing your own ARGO XTV, the 2020 Frontier 6×6 model makes a great entry level option. Currently priced at only $7,999 for a limited time, the Frontier 600 plays in the same ballpark as high-end recreational ATVs but undercuts extravagant Side-by-Side rigs. And that’s not even considering the many ways an ARGO XTV can outperform both, in terms of its ability to power through tough conditions when the trail ends and the bog begins.

Head to to find a dealer near you who can show you the many benefits of an ARGO XTV first-hand, while also helping you get one properly kitted out for your next adventure.

Because hunting season won’t last forever – that’s one more thing you can count on.

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