5 Must Have Can-Am Accessories + Video

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The accessories you need to get the most out of your machine

The great thing about buying an ATV or Side-by-Side vehicle is that you can outfit it with a variety of parts and accessories to suit your needs. If you own a Can-Am off-road vehicle, there is a huge selection of Can-Am accessories and parts available to easily and seamlessly fit.

These accessories can help you get the most out of your machine by protecting it, adding storage space, or letting you go where no other machine can tread.

Here are five of our favorites.


It makes no sense to us to spend your hard earned money on an off-road vehicle and not protect it. Fortunately, Can-Am offers full aluminum skid plates. These are made of high strength 5052 H32 aluminum and are 3/16” thick. Skid plate kits offer protection for the front A-arms, underbelly and rear A-Arms, so no matter what kind of terrain you tackle, your vehicle is protected.


Though Can-Am vehicles already offer storage, we could always use more. This Bed Tool Box for the Can-Am Defender offers 40 gallons of weather resistant storage space for your valuable tools. Features include cup holders, double sided openings with lockable covers and rubber latches. And if you need more room, you can actually hold two of these in the bed of the Defender.

LinQ Cooler Box

One of our favorite Can-Am accessories for ATVs is the LinQ 8-gallon Cooler Box. This can be mounted to the rear rack of a Can-Am Outlander without tools in just seconds. Features include durable rotomolded construction, premium foam insulation, removable compartment for protecting food, and a drain plug.

Gear Grips

Can-Am partnered with Kolpin on these super useful Gear Grips in two versions – one to be installed on any tubing and another designed to fit the LinQ system. When you use the LinQ-ready Gear Grips, installation requires no tools. Just install them and you’ve got extra hands to securely hold tools, fishing rods or pretty much anything.

Apache Track System

If you want to turn your Can-Am Outlander into a winter-ready machine that can go pretty much anywhere, the Apache Track System is worth looking into. This kit offers an extra seven inches of ground clearance and is designed to provide the best floatation level around. They also look ridiculously cool.

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