Polaris sent shockwaves through the UTV world with the release its new single seat UTV and the aftermarket world went crazy developing a host of Polaris RZR RS1 accessories to enhance all aspects of the vehicle.

Every time a new-from-the-ground-up vehicle hits the market, it’s always interesting to see which companies are the first to provide parts and accessories for the new platform. We found a host of Polaris RZR RS1 accessories from both aftermarket manufacturers and Polaris’ own catalog and here are three of our favorites.

HMF Dual Full System Exhaust

An aftermarket exhaust is one of the first Polaris RZR RS1 accessories many owners will purchase and this stainless steel exhaust from HMF is one of several exhaust systems available for the RS1. The aluminum silencers and stainless head pipe reduce weight over the stock unit and you can expect a gain of 4-5 horsepower by simply bolting it on. MSRP $894.95 Part# 035696636071 Learn more here.

ECU Programming

There are few Polaris RZR Rs1 accessories that can have as significant of an effect on performance as a finely tuned ECU. Evolution Powersports is widely known for developing BIG horsepower from today’s UTVs and their ECU flashing service not only improves throttle response, ignition timing and fuel delivery, but it helps prolong the life of your engine by making it run cooler. If you’re looking for better efficiency and more horsepower, consider shipping them your ECU or purchase one of their pre-flashed ECU modules. Prices range from $399 – $799 depending on your current modifications and whether you’re sending your own ECU or purchasing a new one. Learn more here.

Extreme Duty Bumper

The Polaris RZR RS1 was engineered to go all out and that means protecting yourself and the vehicle at all times. This Extreme Duty Bumper from the Polaris RZR RS1 accessories catalog offers a sleek stylish look that is much more aggressive and offers significantly more protection than what comes on it from the factory. It mounts easily to the factory mounts and includes all necessary hardware for just $249.99. Part#: 2883783-458 Learn more here.



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Tim Rogers says:

Nice list of mods. I just picked up a new exhaust system for my RS1 from https://utvgearhq.com

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