Polaris Ranger owners looking to add a little bad-weather comfort to their machines should check out our choices for the best Polaris Ranger windshield.

The Polaris Ranger, in all the many models available past and present, might just be the most popular UTV going. Ask any dealership what the hot seller is in machines and while there are always flashy new machines coming out, the Ranger will likley outsell every one of them. One of the most popular accessories for the Ranger is a windshield. There are quite a few options out there, so how can you tell which one is the best for you? We’ve spent a lot of time in a Ranger, and had experience with quite a few accessories. Here’s our picks for the best Polaris Ranger windshield options for every budget.

Polaris Lock and Ride Windshield (Glass)

Of all the Ranger models, the Ranger 900 has been the most popular. The best option for that machine is the Polaris Lock and Ride windshield. This is automotive-quality glass, with the shatter-resistant coating you’d find in your car windshield. This is a heavy-duty windshield that will not fade or get scratched up like a poly windshield can. You can even get a windshield wiper kit for it, so you’re always looking through a clear view. This is a heavy windshield at 84lbs. It will fit both the standard and crew model Ranger 900s, select Ranger 1000 models with the same body style and the full-size diesel Rangers from the same time frame. If you have a machine from this era, you’d be hard pressed to find a better Polaris Ranger windshield than the factory best option.

SuperATV Heavy Duty Scratch Resistant Full Windshield

For the current model Polaris Ranger 1000, 1000XP and the CREW models, a really good option in a scratch-resistant poly windshield comes courtesy of SuperATV.  This Polaris Ranger windshield is guaranteed to fit, matching every contour of the cab. Mounting is so easy, SuperATV claims it can be done in five minutes or less. It is made of hard coated, scratch resistant polycarbonate. The hard coating is the key ticket here. The process makes the windshield much more durable and resistant to scratches and impacts. If you need a windshield for your Ranger and want to save some money over glass, this is a great option.

Kolpin Full-Tilt

Windshields are really helpful at blocking the wind from hitting you in the face. The problem is, what if you’d like to get a little more air coming in on a hot day? For select Ranger models, Kolpin makes one of the best Polaris Ranger windshields on the market. It’s like having three windshields in one. Quite simply, it is a half windshield, with an upper part that tilts outward. This gives you the option of having it open to allow air into the cab, or ride with it closed to keep air and dust out. It is made of durable, scratch resistant Lexan polycarbonate and comes with sturdy, stainless steel mounting hardware.

Seizmik Versa-Fold Windshield

One of the major issues with folding windshields is that they don’t have a true seal that can keep out the wind, rain and dust like a solid one-piece Polaris Ranger windshield can. However, there is always an exception, and the Versa-Fold from Seizmik is it. The Versa-Fold is the only folder available with a full seal around the edges, and across the midsection at the fold. Granted, this does mean there is some additional hardware in your view, but it is minimal, and the resulting quality and function of the Vera-Fold makes this one of the best Polaris Ranger Windshields for select models.

Spike Polaris Ranger XP 570/900/1000 Short Dark Tint Windshield

Sometimes a half windshield is the perfect solution. Half windshields still give you that wind-in-your-face action. Just not as much wind. A half windshield will direct wind up and across the top of the cab and to the sides. This has the effect of pulling more incoming air with it. It makes chilly morning rides more enjoyable and rides on hot summer days are still comfortable. The Spike half windshield is tinted for a sleek look and it has a solid fit for durability. If you are looking for a Polaris Ranger 570 windshield, this one fits the bill.

What are the differences in Polaris Ranger Windshields?

There are three basic kinds of windshields for the Ranger or any other UTV. Glass windshields are made from the same treated glass you have in your truck, meaning they are hard, durable and resist shattering from an impact. They can be setup with a wiper kit, but can also chip like your truck windshield. They also cost much more. Hard-coated Polycarbonate windshields are lighter and less expensive than glass. They’ll keep their clear appearance longer than other non-glass options, but can and will get the clouded appearance over time due to use and UV damage. Straight up Polycarbonate or plastic windshields are the least expensive option but as one dealer put it, anyone who buys one usually ends up replacing it within a year or two. They can scratch easier and cloud up faster as well.

Do I need a rear windshield, or back panel?

Whether or not you add a back panel to your Polaris Ranger when you install a windshield is up to you. Know going in, however, that if you don’t add one, you’re going to eat a lot of dust and/or snow. The front windshield will create a Venturi effect that will pull air and whatever is in that air from behind the machine as you ride along. If you want our opinion, we’d never install a Polaris Ranger windshield without also installing a back panel. Eating our own dust isn’t fun.

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