The Youth ATV market doesn’t get a lot of attention, so we were pleasantly surprised when Polaris recently introduced a pair of new models – the Sportsman 110 EFI and Outlaw 110 EFI.

What sets these Youth models apart from any others in the industry is the addition of electronic fuel injection. This feature is new to Youth models and will make the machines easier start in cold temperatures and perform better at high altitudes. It should also make for smoother idling.

2012 Polaris Outlaw 90 Review

One reason Youth models haven’t featured EFI is the cost. Keeping costs down on Youth ATVs is important for manufacturers and dealers, and EFI typically doesn’t come cheap. Polaris, impressively, managed to keep the MSRP at a reasonable $3,099 for both models. That’s just $400 more than the outgoing Sportsman 90 and Outlaw 90 (last offered in model year 2014). When you factor in the larger engine (110cc compared to 90cc), that’s a very good value.

2016 Polaris Sportsman 110 Action

Both models will be classified as Y-10+ for riders 10 years old and older with adult supervision. The vehicles’ speed is limited to less than 15 mph/24.1 kph as delivered, and the speed control system allows adults to increase the speed to a maximum of up to 29 mph/47 kph. The Sportsman 110 EFI will be available in Sage Green while the Outlaw 110 EFI in Voodoo Blue.

2016 Polaris Outlaw 110 Action

Both the Sportsman and Outlaw 110 EFI offer a wide variety of safety features such as an adjustable throttle limiter to enable adults to set a maximum speed control limit, daytime running lights to increase daytime visibility, full floorboards and heat shields. Other vehicle features include an electric start, automatic transmission, 4-stroke engine, long travel suspension, high visibility whip flag, and safety video. All Polaris Youth vehicles also come with a DOT-approved helmet.

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One thing we would have liked to see addressed on the new Outlaw and Sportsman 110 EFI is the brakes. Both models remain outfitted with drum brakes, but disc brakes would be a notable improvement. Here’s what we wrote about the Outlaw 90 in a 2012 review: “Braking performance was adequate, but not overly impressive. Power and feel were a bit on the soft side at both ends. They’re strong enough to control your pace on downhill runs or to slow the machine from speed; however, locking the rear tires up, if desired, is nearly impossible.”

2016 Polaris Sportsman 110

Another possible area of improvement would be upgrading from single A-arm to dual A-arm front suspension. Our reviewer had this to say about the 2012 Outlaw 90: “The front end’s design is a bit dated, utilizing single A-arms. Our experience tells us that single A-arms suffer more bump steer and tire scrub as the suspension goes through its travel.”

While updated brakes and suspension would be nice, they would also come at a cost. Perhaps Polaris thought the $400 price bump for the bigger engine and EFI was all consumers were ready to invest.

2016 Polaris Outlaw 110 Action

Along with the Sportsman and Outlaw 110 EFI, Polaris will continue to offer the Outlaw 50, classified as Y-6+, for riders 6 years old and older; the entry-level Phoenix 200, classified as T, for riders 14 and older; and the RZR 170 EFI Side-by-Side for riders 10 years old and older.

  Polaris Outlaw 110 Specs Polaris Sportsman 110 Specs
Engine Type: 4-Stroke Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Single Cylinder
Displacement: 112cc 112cc
Fuel System: EFI EFI
Cooling: Air Air
Transmission: Automatic PVT F/N/R; O-ring Chain Automatic PVT F/N/R; O-ring Chain
Drive System: 2WD 2WD
Front Suspension: Single A-Arm with 5″ (12.7 cm) Travel Single A-Arm with 5″ (12.7 cm) Travel
Rear Suspension: Mono-Shock Swingarm with 6″ (15.2 cm) Travel Mono-Shock Swingarm with 6″ (15.2 cm) Travel
Brakes: 4-Wheel Drum 4-Wheel Drum
Parking Brake: Lockable Hand Lever Lockable Hand Lever
Front Tires: 19 x 7-8 Duro 19 x 7-8 Duro
Rear Tires: 18 x 9.5-8 Duro 18 x 9.5-8 Duro
Wheels: Stamped Steel Stamped Steel
Wheelbase: 41.5″ (105.4 cm) 41.5″ (105.4 cm)
Dry Weight: 278 lb 292 lb
Length/Width/Height: “61.25 x 36.75 x 38.5” (155.6 x 93.3 x 97.8 cm) “61.75 x 36.75 x 38.5” (156.8 x 93.3 x 97.8 cm)
Ground Clearance: 4″ (10.2 cm) 4″ (10.2 cm)
Seat Height: 27″ (68.6 cm) 27″ (68.6 cm)
Fuel Capacity: 1.6 gal (5.9 L) 2.0 gal (7.8 L)
Front/Rear Cargo Rack Capacity: N/A 15 lb/30 lb (6.8 kg/13.6 kg)
Lighting: Dual Front Running Lights; Single Rear Brakelight/Taillight Dual Front Running Lights; Single Rear Brakelight/Taillight
Instrumentation: N/R Light N/R Light
Colors: Voodoo Blue Sage Green



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