Moose Utility Division Brings the Goods

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

The crew at Moose Utility Division (appropriately called MUD, given the products they sell) have been cranking out high quality tools and accessories for off-road gearheads since the company’s inception over a decade ago. They continue bringing the goods to customers seeking land management and hunting equipment, of course, but providing tools to keep yer rig in top shape – while taking the hassle out of maintenance – is also in their playbook.

For starters, Moose Utility Division has a new RZR Belt Removal Tool. It’s said a person is not a true UTV owner until they’ve thrown a belt on their machine, so MUD seeks to make dealing with that inevitability as painless as possible. Essential for quick and easier belt changes on your Polaris RZR, this tool is made from CNC machined billet aluminum, with a knurled round handle for better grip. Best of all, this tool is designed not to slip (so long, busted knuckles) and will not harm the clutch housing. Moose Utility says these features make it safer to use than the stock tool. Made in the USA, it is listed at $30.95.

The lucky readers in our audience who reside in places like Arizona have the good fortune of being permitted to drive their UTVs on certain public roads – provided the machine is equipped with a certain level of lighting and street-compliant gear. Moose Utility has just the ticket for kitting your rig with these items without it looking like a science project hacked together by an elementary student thanks to the Street Kit with Rocker Switches.

LED Back-lit rocker switches slide neatly into the switch blanks on the dashboard of your machine, controlling horn and turn signal functions. This is especially useful when installing it on UTVs which do not have an exposed steering column but know that MUD does offer a column mounted switch for all you traditionalists out there. Elsewhere, the Badlands turn signal module with built-in load equalizer can convert a set of stock tail lights into run/brake/turn signals in order to keep Johnny Law off yer case. All main wires of the harness are cut to length and connectors installed for minimal splicing or crimping.

Be sure to check out all the tools and gear available from Moose Utility Division on their website.

Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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