ATV Team to Focus on Nutrition Staff
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HGR joins forces with MotoX Nutrition

HGR (Hetrick Racing/Gabriel Racing/Kawasaki) is out to prove that a strong rider has a better chance at becoming a successful rider.

MotoX Nutrition has entered into a partnership with HGR and claims it is the first of its kind due to the extent of the program. Christian Chambers of MotoX Nutrition, along with performance nutrition student Casey Bard, are heading a training, nutrition and supplementation program geared towards optimum physical conditioning.

“We are happy to be involved with the Kawasaki/HGR team and we hope that we can put these guys on the podium,” says Chambers. “These riders need to be treated like the professional athletes that they are. This is where MotoX Nutrition comes in.”

Hetrick Racing owner Rick Hetrick believes this new program is a step in the right direction as HGR prepares for the 2008 ATVA Motocross Nationals.

“We feel that this is the next step. This is a great opportunity for our riders to further succeed,” says Hetrick.

Chambers, who is also a competitive ATV racer, thinks professional racers need to pay more attention to their nutrition and physical preparation.

“With MotoX Nutrition products, I feel that HGR will be able to outperform the competition at the ATVA Nationals,” says Chambers.

Bard, who is an employee at Hetrick Racing and a performance nutrition student at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, agrees.

“We will address all aspects of preparation,” says Bard. “Eating (nutrition) is one piece to the puzzle. Training, eating, competing and recovering are the entire picture.” Staff Staff

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