FRE/KTM GNCC Team Struggles in the Mud Staff
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Atwell, McGill and Kirkland all in championship hunt

The FRE/KTM ATV GNCC team tackled another mud race at the 6th round of the series. Despite the conditions, the FRE/KTM riders prevailed and still sit in good standings to win their respective championships.

Angel Atwell performed first on Saturday morning in the Women’s Pro class. Atwell got a great start nailing the holeshot and led the first half of the race. Yamaha’s Traci Cecco and Atwell battled near the halfway point exchanging the lead a few times. Unfortunately, Atwell’s engine sucked to much water with half a lap to go and she had to withdraw from the race. Atwell was credited with seventh overall and is tied for the points lead with Cecco.

In the XC-1 class Adam McGill got a mid-pack start. By the end of the first lap McGill worked his way up to fourth place. He then passed Chris Borich for third and continued to charge forward. Despite the mud he was flying by riders and emerged out on pit road with the lead. At the half way mark McGill had a 15 second lead over the pack. Shortly after, the top three tangled including McGill, Johnny Gallagher, Donald Ockerman and Chris Borich. Taylor Kiser inherited the lead while the others untangled and returned to battle.

Adam McGill sits second in the GNCC points race.

McGill caught back up to Kiser and was working on passing for the lead when he got stuck in the mud and lost valuable time. McGill returned to the race in sixth position which is where he finished. However, after the race it was discovered that McGill, Kiser and Donald Ockerman missed a portion of the course. McGill was penalized three postions and now sits third in points, just seven points behind leader Chris Borich.

FRE/KTM XC-2 rider Josh Kirkland got another great start when his class took off. He rounded the first turn in second right behind Brian Wolf. Soon after the start Kirkland got hung up in the mud and dropped to fifth place. Wolf was able to pull out a big lead while Kirkland was stuck. Kirkland eventually fought his way back to second position and finished there when the checkers flew. Kirkland now sits second in points, only one point behind Wolf.

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