NOHVCC Partners With Canadian Groups Staff
by Staff
Partnership aims to promote and protect OHV recreation in North America

A partnership has been formed between the United States based National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) and several Canadian OHV groups to “provide a wide spectrum of programs, materials and information to further a positive future for responsible off-highway vehicle recreation in North America”.

The NOHVCC, through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be working with the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council (COHV), the All-Terrain Quad Council of Canada (AQCC) and the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC).

“The aims and goals of COHV are to promote the safe and responsible use of off-highway vehicles and to develop and expand communication and co-operation among all levels of the OHV community,” says Bob Ramsay, president of the COHV. “NOHVCC’s expertise in OHV development will contribute greatly to COHV’s ongoing endeavors to promote and protect responsible recreational opportunities for OHV riders across Canada and with this partnership, into the United States.”

“The mission of NOHVCC and the aims and goals of COHV are parallel, and a strong OHV community in both the United States and Canada is mutually beneficial,” says Russ Ehnes, executive director of NOHVCC. “Together, the NOHVCC and the COHV and its partners, the AQCC and the MCC, enter into this Memorandum of Understanding to mutually strengthen responsible OHV recreation in both countries.”

The MOU, signed during the All-Terrain Quad Council of Canada’s annual general meeting in September, allows the AQCC and the MCC to appoint one ‘NOHVCC partner’ for each Canadian province and territory who will in turn work with their NOHVCC counterparts, fulfilling those duties agreed upon by the NOHVCC and the COHV.

The AQCC, MCC and NOHVCC will work cooperatively to share and distribute existing NOHVCC/COHV information, materials, products, and programs in Canada and the U.S.A., while approaching the development of new information and programs in a manner that is adaptable and useful in both the United States and Canada. Staff Staff

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