Yamaha Launches OHV Effort

ATV.com Staff
by ATV.com Staff
Manufacturer aims to ensure longevity of riding areas

Yamaha Motor Corp. of Cypress, Calif. has launched a new Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Access Initiative, a program designed to help fund projects and ensure riding areas are available over the long term.

“Yamaha’s new OHV Access Initiative gives us the opportunity to directly support OHV access projects on a local level across the country—from Oregon to Florida, from Texas to Minnesota,” says Mike Martinez, Yamaha’s general manager of ATV and side-by-side operations.

“Through this new program, Yamaha, along with our dealers and customers, is taking a proactive leadership role in supporting our lifestyle and our business,” he says.

The program’s tag line is Guaranteeing Responsible Access to our Nationals Trails (GRANT). Yamaha is encouraging clubs, associations and agencies to submit detailed applications for their specific needs.

The company will accept applications each quarter and award funding to the most deserving groups.

“This is a long-term initiative, and to make it successful, Yamaha realizes we have to support projects that promote not only open access, but sustainable riding areas,” says Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s ATV and side-by-side marketing manager. “We look forward to getting to know these local riding groups, identifying their individual needs, and working closely with them each year to help keep their riding areas open and even create new opportunities where possible and appropriate.”

ATV.com Staff
ATV.com Staff

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