Motorsport race teams around the world have discovered the secret of the ISF (Isotropic Superfinish) Process to keep their transmission and gearboxes cool and less likely to fail.

This chemically accelerated deburring/polishing process uses high-density, non-abrasive ceramic pellets to remove microscopic surface peaks and valleys left from machining. The result is a highly uniform mirror-like surface that reduces friction and allows for increased lubrication. The result is an improved component that will operate at lower temperatures, provide increased durability, quieter operation, and increased time between maintenance.

Yoshimura offers this in-house service to the performance ATV and motorcycle enthusiast or racer who wants to improve gear life and power output as well as reduce costs and those pesky DNFs.

Before ISF Process.Before ISF Process.
After ISF Process.After ISF Process.

The Yoshimura ISF Process:• Reduces friction • Lowers temperatures • Makes a smoother shifting action • Creates a “freer” feeling engine • Reduces break-in time • Increases oil life span • Quieter operation

Retail: From $230.00 Part Number: REM-Service

Call Yoshimura for more details – 800-634-9166.



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