Off-Road Trails: Michigan

From sand to rocks to wide open trails, Michigan is perfect for any SXS adventure

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Talk about a vast diversity of riding terrain! Michigan seemingly has it all, from gnarly rock climbs to sand dunes to riding on an island that you have to ferry your vehicles over to! Yes, you read that right... You could say that that is an adventure you need to take the entire family on.

Another great part about Michigan is that the riding areas/parks are scattered all around the state. Whether you live there or in a nearby state, you'll appreciate this diversity of terrain and riding locations.

Load up your trail and head out - summer is the best time to visit all of these trail systems!

Destination Yamaha

If you are looking for an off-road adventure in Michigan but you don’t feel like towing an ATV or UTV all the way there, Destination Yamaha has four locations in michigan where you can rent a machine.

These rental partners have everything you need for an amazing off-road experience aboard a Yamaha ATV or UTV on some of the best terrain in the state.

  • Size 250 Acres
  • Skill Level All
  • Trailhead Jerome, Mich.

Bundy Hill Off-Road Park

Sitting on a very productive mining operation that was shut down in 2012, Bundy Hill Off-Road Park is a family-friendly off-road park (no alcohol allowed) that sits on 350 acres. Being that it was an old mining area, this off-road park has a bit of everything for the off-road enthusiast, including tire crawls, wooded trails, steep hills, pea-gravel climbs, hood deep water crossings, and many off camber challenges that are sure to put your ATV or UTV to the test. This park will test your ability and driving skill all day long. If you want to stay for more than just a day, there are primitive campsites at the park for you and your family to enjoy a full weekend at the park.
ATV Trails michigan
  • Distance 21-Mile Loop
  • Skill Level All
  • Trailhead Indian River, Mich.

Indian River ATV Trail

Popular with off-road vehicles and snowmobiles alike, this park is located right in the middle of the state in between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Indian River ATV Trail has a 21-mile loop for all off-roaders to enjoy. With a mostly smooth and flat trail riding atmosphere, the trails are tailor made for the new off-roaders who want to enjoy time on the trail with their friends and family. With its close proximity to the town, this trail system has plenty of camping and lodging options close by.
  • Distance 100 Miles
  • Skill Level All
  • Trailhead Drummond Island

Turtle Ridge ORV Park

Have you ever wanted to ride on an island that you have to ferry your machines to?! Now is your chance as Turtle Ridge ORV Park is only accessible via a ferry boat. Yes, you can even put your RV on the ferryboat because there are RV hookups on the island, along with boat docks, restaurants, other campgrounds, and open hangout areas. The off-road trails on this island are open mid-May to November and include rocky sections, water crossings, and two track trails. Pack your things as you'll only have access to the necessities on the island, and make sure you're ready for a great time!
  • Size N/A
  • Skill Level All
  • Trailhead Mount Morris, Mich.

Mounds ORV Park

Celebrating over 45 years of being one of the premier off-road destinations in the state of Michigan, Mounds ORV Park is open every day and ready for you to challenge your driving technique on the scramble trails, sand pits, rugged trails, and, of course, the mud holes. Nearby Wolverine Campground allows you to camp within close proximity of the park. Before you head over to this park, make sure you are in the "allowed" time of year for off-road vehicles - seasonal closures apply to ATVs and UTVs. If you forget anything on your journey to the park, the nearby city of Mount Morris has everything you need to make your stay and trail adventures fun.
  • Size 450 Acres
  • Skill Level All
  • Trailhead Mears, Mich.

Silver Lake State Park ORV Area

Encompassing more than 2,000 acres total, Silver Lake State Park is a duner's paradise located right on the shores of Lake Michigan. Not all of those 2,000 acres are open to riding, though - only about 450 acres are open to off-road recreation. However, the open area is great for duning in the area and is open to all types of vehicles. The open season runs from April 1 to October 31, and you can expect the park to be busy with your off-road family on weekends and holidays. In case you need parts or other supplies, there are dealers and suppliers near the riding area.
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