Off-Road Trails: Nebraska

Commonly known for its farm and industrial land, Nebraska is also home to several off-road riding ar

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It may be the land of the flat plains, but Nebraska is also home to several off highway vehicle parks, all of which are perfect to enjoy a family outing in your Side-by-Side vehicle or on your ATV. Scattered around the state, these three park systems have plenty of riding area to supply your family with a fun and memorable weekend.

Conditions vary from park to park, but expect to find a mix of trails, open meadows, and sandy terrain. There is even a track that you can test out your high performance UTV on. So go ahead and plan your off-road trip to Nebraska.

  • Distance 33 Miles
  • Skill Level All
  • Trailhead Halsey, Neb.

Bessey OHV Trail System

The Bessey OHV Trail System encompasses about 33 miles of trails, and the most popular times to visit are from May to October. This area is in close proximity to the town of Halsey, which has a small assortment of stores just in case you forget anything from home. This trail system is one of the few to be had in the state, so you can imagine that it gets busy on the weekends in the summer months. There are several campgrounds and staging areas that allow access to the trail system, and you can expect the sandy trails to contain a mixture of tight curves and straight-aways. There are also two open areas to play in as well - Dismal and the Hill Climb.
ATV Trails nebraska
  • Size 30 Acres
  • Skill Level Experienced
  • Trailhead Norfolk, Neb.

Off Road Ranch

The Off Road Ranch is a 30-acre park that is tailored for those of us who love adrenaline-filled track days! Big on fun, short on trails, the Off Road Ranch has several tracks to test your driving skills. The park is open year around and features a large camping area, perfect for those who want to stay within the park confines and enjoy direct access to the riding area.
  • Distance 9 Miles
  • Skill Level All
  • Trailhead Republican City, Neb.

Cedar Run ATV Trail

Situated on US Army Corps of Engineers land, Cedar Run ATV Trail measures about nine miles in length and features two-way trails. The terrain is a mix of grassy meadows and hilly, tree-lined trails. The trails are marked, but riders are encouraged to use caution when navigating since there could be on-coming traffic. Riding is allowed during the daytime areas, and you're going to have to find another place to camp should you want to stay overnight. There is a nearby lake that offers such amenities.
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