Off-Road Trails: Pennsylvania

Hundreds of miles of adventure are waiting!

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If you live in the great state of Pennsylvania or have ever wanted to visit the vast off-road trail systems here, you will find more than you could ever imagine. There are many state forest ride locations, as well as several privately owned commercial destinations. Many individual counties are reviewing opportunities to bring off-road recreation to their area and one example of how this can work is the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure area in Coal Township, Pennsylvania.

These wide trails, some over reclaimed coal mining operation property, allow the family ATV and Side-by-Side lifestyle to flourish. Many machines have room to breathe here and the capabilities of these machines can be used to their fullest. Many of the trail systems in the state will have varying terrain from rocky base trails to wooded tree lined sections that can get dusty during the summer. The high canopy along those wooded areas provides plenty of shade in the heat of the summer. With many diverse selections of elevation, the riding here should be adventurous as well as scenic.

If you decide to bring the family and stay overnight, there are many choices for RV or primitive camping in the state of Pennsylvania as well as hotel accommodations that are off-road family friendly. Bringing your family and friends along on an off-road adventure is a surefire way to make memories.

Destination Yamaha

If you are looking for an off-road adventure in Pennsylvania but you don’t feel like towing an ATV or UTV all the way there, Destination Yamaha has two locations in pennsylvania where you can rent a machine.

These rental partners have everything you need for an amazing off-road experience aboard a Yamaha ATV or UTV on some of the best terrain in the state.

  • Distance 200 Miles
  • Skill Level All
  • Trailhead Coal Township, PA

Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area

Located in Eastern Pennsylvania, AOAA is in the southeastern part of Northumberland County in Coal Township. Situated about 20 miles from major interstates 80 and 81, this riding destination is becoming one of the most popular in the state. Named after the area's ties to the coal region, Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area brings not only history but a wealth of love and support from the community. This 7500-acre area is a perfect place for family and friends to ride legally on maintained property. From the rocky bed of coal mining to the steep hillside trails winding around the mountains there you can find adventure on every corner. Parking here is also vast, and the gravel parking area provides room for large RV's as well.
ATV Trails pennsylvania
  • Distance 39 Miles
  • Skill Level All
  • Trailhead Orviston, PA

Bloody Skillet ATV Trail

Utilizing almost 40 miles of wooded trails and old coal mining roads, the Bloody Skillet or Rock Run Creek as some may know it, gives the off-road enthusiast a place to take their next break from the working world. Expect to be surprised by wildlife as wild turkey and the occasional black bear have been spotted here as well as whitetail deer. There are several nice creek crossings with modern bridges to keep the wilderness wild. Even though you will find the occasional mud hole and the dust in the summer riding season can be somewhat abundant, the area does benefit from the tall trees that line the trails to provide shade from the sun's mighty spotlight.
  • Distance 45 Miles
  • Skill Level All
  • Trailhead Renovo, PA

Whiskey Springs ATV Trail System

Offering SXS riders almost 45 miles of gravel roads as well as old logging road, the Whiskey Springs Trails give off-roaders a place to spend the weekend riding. Camping is permitted as long as you have made reservations with Sproul State Forest before arriving. Loose dirt mixed with some hard pack trails give riders varying combinations of terrain. The tall trees here provide shade for enthusiasts, making for a comfortable and scenic off-road experience.
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