Off-Road Trails: Rhode Island

Small and beautiful, Rhode Island is still full of dreamers

Photo credit: JJM Photography/
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Wishing you had a great place to ride off-road is actually a reality for folks in the smallest state in the USA. Rhode Island is a beautiful state and you can find ample hiking as well as some biking trails combined with a few MX tracks located here. Unfortunately, the state just is not big enough to host any real ATV or UTV trails.

Though there are no ATV or UTV riding areas in Rhode Island, a short trip to a neighboring state is all you need to scratch that off-road itch. Quickly travel to places North or South of you to find that perfect destination. If you are an adventurer at heart then a few hour’s drive is nothing and looking into places like Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Pennsylvania gives you a place to ride.

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