Off-Road Trails: Vermont

Making friends and private land offers UTV owners a place to ride off-road

Photo credit: Sean Pavone/
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Vermont is quite possibly the most innovative state when it comes to getting permitted places for its ATV and UTV owners a good place to ride. Although there are no state lands available to ride here, an organization called Vermont ATV Sportsman Association or VASA has put together a plan to ensure adventure will thrive in Vermont.

After a discussion with VASA on off-road use in Vermont, we have agreed to not publish trail locations as they are all on private property. These trails have a good variety of rock, gravel and hard pack, but there are no sand dunes. Challenging yourself on a good weekend ride should not be an issue with over 900 miles of trail using class III or class IV roads as connectors.

If you would like to find out more about Vermont’s riding opportunities please contact the organization at

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