Few people appreciate spring like ATV and UTV owners who like to play in the mud. Check out our 2018 mud riding guide to help you conquer the mud this year.

April showers might be a downer for most people, but for ATV and UTV enthusiasts, it means the mud is here and it’s time to play. To help you prepare for this year’s mudpocalypse, we’ve put together a 2018 mud riding buyer’s guide.

Tow Strap

Tow Strap: Mud Riding Buyer's Guide

Going mud riding and getting stuck pretty much go hand in hand, which is why carrying a tow strap with you can make you the hero when one of your friends invariably bites off more than he can chew. The Presa 2-inch x 20-foot heavy duty tow strap costs under $10 and has a capacity of 10,000 pounds. It comes equipped with a pair of safety hooks so you can easily hook up to any ATV or UTV that needs a helping hand.

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ITP Mud Lite II

ITP Mud Lite II: Mud Riding Buyer's Guide

Good tires are a key component to any mud machine and the ITP Mud Lite II tires will allow you to tackle the mud without making for an uncomfortable ride on the trails. These tires feature a variable open lug tread design with lug height ranging from ¾” to 1 1/8″. Built on a 6-ply carcass, the ITP Mud Lite II benefits from a mud breaker tread design on the shoulder, helping to channel debris away to shed the power-robbing weight of excess mud. Prices start at about $65.

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Gorilla Silverback MT2 Tires

Gorilla Silverback MT2 Tires: Mud Riding Buyer's Guide

While the Mud Lite II is a good all-purpose tire, when you want to tackle the nastiest slop you can find, the Gorilla Silverback MT2 has got you covered. This aggressive mud-eating tire features two-inch lugs across the entire contact surface. And those lugs go from bead to bead to offer plenty of traction on the shoulders, while a 6-ply carcass helps to prevent punctures. Prices for the Gorilla Silverback MT2 start at $188.

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Winch with Synthetic Rope

Tusk Winch: Mud Riding Buyer's Guide

You’d be a fool to go out in search of a mud hole, especially if you are by yourself, without a good winch installed to your ATV or UTV. One winch worth looking into is the Tusk 3,500-pound winch with synthetic rope. This winch is built around a heavy duty 730-watt motor and features 50 feet of 4.9mm synthetic rope (no wire slivers!). Other features in this package include a clutch knob, mini rocker handlebar switch, roller fairlead, heavy duty hook, mounting hardware and wiring. Prices on the Tusk 3,500-pound winch start at $290.

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Goggles: Mud Riding Buyer's Guide

We are big proponents of the “all the equipment, all the time” mantra – even when moving relatively slowly through the mud. A good pair of goggles can mud and debris from hitting you in the eye, so it’s a no brainer for us. One of the things we like about the 100% Racecraft goggle is that it comes standard with motocross-style tear-offs. That wouldn’t really be a big selling point for normal trail riding, but when the mud starts spraying being able quickly tear away a mud-splattered sheet to offer a clear field of view is a great feature. Prices on the 100% Racecraft goggles start at $75.

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Waders: Mud Riding Buyer's Guide

If you don’t want to have soaking wet pants and feet after you ride into that big mud hole, a good pair of waders is the answer. The Hodgeman McKenzie nylon and PVC cleated chests waders fishing waders weight 35% less than traditional rubber waders and offer more flexibility as well. The cleated boots are designed to be 25% more durable than rubber, while adjustable suspenders ensure a good fit.

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Pressure Washer

Mud Buyers Guide PowRite Elite electric pressure washer

A fun day mud riding usually means a not-so-fun time cleaning your ATV or UTV. To make your cleanup much easier, say goodbye to your hose and say hello to a pressure washer. The PowRyte Elite electric pressure washer generates up to 4500 PSI of force blast the mud away. It comes equipped with 5 quick-connect spray tips, garden hose quick connector and 35 feet of cord. Prices for the PowRyte Elite pressure washer starts at about $299.

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ATV Sound System

Boss Sound System: Mud Riding Buyer's Guide

How do you make a day of mud riding even more fun? A sound system is a good place to start. The BOSS Audio Systems ATV6 sound system can be installed right onto the rack of your ATV and allows you to stream audio via Bluetooth from your mobile device. The unit is fully weatherproof and features a 450-watt Max Power Amp, 6.5-inch ply cone speakers, and one-inch high performance dome tweeters.

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Waterproof Bag

AltRider Synch Dry Bag: Mud Riding Buyer's Guide

Most of us like to take some things along when we go out for a ride, but your average duffel bag just won’t cut it for serious mud riders. The AltRider Synch dry bag is designed to be 100% dustproof and waterproof. The bag also features daisy chains so you can strap on additional gear to the outside. To help secure the AltRider Synch dry bag in place, it comes equipped with two tie-down points so you can strap it down to your rack of your ATV or bed of your UTV. Prices for the AltRider Synch dry bag start at $92.

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