One of the most iconic brands of riding gear available, FOX Racing has unveiled some sweet new Fox riding gear for 2019 that you should check out.

Fox racing grew from motocross racing in the 1970s when Geoff Fox formed a team of riders to compete against the factory teams. These riders used Fox’s engine and suspension components, and to make them look the part of a team, Fox created Team Moto-X Fox gear using bright red, yellow and orange colors. This was the birth of the Fox clothing brand as it was a huge hit. From those beginnings, the company branched out into more Fox riding gear, and eventually started working with riders from other teams.

Where things really took off came when they started working with a young motocross racer named Rick Johnson. Johnson had the attitude and the style that fit what the company needed. That’s how I came to love Fox riding gear. While I was just a goofy kid riding a Yamaha Banshee at speeds my mother would not approve of, I was a huge MX fan and any extra money I could muster from various jobs went to gas, oil and new gear.

Why Fox riding gear? I’ll admit, it was hero worship that got me wearing it in the first place. It was the quality and function that kept me wearing it. For 2019, Fox has worked overtime to make some of the best looking and best performing riding gear on the market.


Fox Flexair Jersey

Fox Flexair Jersey

Man, have things changed since I first started wearing Fox riding gear. Those early jerseys were basically heavy T-shirt material and if it was hot; you either suffered, or you cut holes in your jersey. I was not in favor of cutting holes in my gear, but I ended up doing it a couple times. Today, you don’t have to do that. The latest Fox Racing Flexair jerseys allow for complete airflow and moisture wicking, and move with you, making them extremely comfortable. The materials are bonded, so there is no chaffing, and the style is amazing.

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Fox 180 Jersey

Fox 180 Jersey

On the lower end of the pricing scale are Fox’s 180 series jerseys. These have a polyester fabric with side vents. The fabric and graphics are fade free, so it’ll look good for a long time. If you want to wear Fox riding gear, you need to start with a jersey.

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Fox Pawtector Gloves

Fox Pawtector Gloves

My first pair of Fox Pawtector gloves were day-glow pink, because that’s what RJ wore. Hey, it was the 80s, don’t judge. I never got blisters, though, which is the best thing about Fox riding gear – it works. Today’s Fox Pawtectors are more advanced than ever, with double-layer palms and injection molded protection. Plus they look sweet.

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Fox Dirt Paw Gloves

Want something a little cheaper? The Fox Dirtpaw gloves have been around for a long time, and like other 2019 Fox riding gear, they have evolved to be pretty darn awesome. The sweet thing about the latest version is, it’s touchscreen compatible, so you can check our text messages without needing to take them off. Just make sure you pull off the trail first!

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Fox Legion LT Pants

So, you already know I had pink gloves. You might as well also know I had the zebra-striped pants to match. It looked cool back then! Today’s 2019 Fox riding gear is subtler and still every bit as stylish and functional. One of our favorites is the Legion LT pants. These over the boot pants are durable, protective and look great.

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Fox Bomber Boots

As ATV riders, we don’t really need the full-sized motocross-style boots. Fox has us covered, too. The Bomber boots offer the same construction as Fox’ top line, in a shorter design specifically for us ATV riders. For 2019, you can get any color you like, as long as its black. Don’t forget to get riding socks, too. They help prevent blisters and keep your feet feeling fresh.

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Fox Legion Downpour Jacket

When you’re on the trail and the clouds open up, you will be happy you have the Fox Legion Downpour jacket. Made for riding, this waterproof jacket will keep you dry while not restricting any of the movement you need to make while riding at any pace. That’s a key part of the 2019 Fox riding gear – it’s designed to be used by real riders.

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