If your Side-by-Side needs some new tires but you you’ve got a limited budget, check out our list of 5 good but cheap UTV tires.

Saving a few bucks on new tires is always a good thing. This is especially true when your old tires are either worn out, or not performing the way you need them to. The thing is, if the new cheap tires don’t perform or last very long, then they aren’t much of a bargain. We already covered some of the better cheap but good ATV tires on the market. Now it’s time to talk about tires for your UTV that won’t break the bank, yet will continue to give you a boost in performance.

Sedona Rip Saw

Sedona Rip Saw: Cheap UTV Tires

The Sedona Rip Saw is a great multi-purpose tire that is pretty cheap, but very good too. The tread is multi-directional, with deep lugs that have siping for added traction on slick conditions like rocks. The sidewalls have excellent bite for digging in deep ruts. They work well in mud, hard and soft-pack dirt, and more. You can usually find these tires for around $400 for a full set, which is amazing. The tires are 6-ply and have radial construction, making them a great choice for any UTV.

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GBC Dirt Commander

GBC Dirt Commander: Cheap UTV Tires

What makes the GBC Dirt Commander tires make the list for a good but cheap UTV tire is the simple fact that it is an 8-ply tire that gets great traction in a wide-range of conditions. It’s good enough that at least one major manufacturer has used them as the OEM tire. They may cost a little more than many 6-ply tires, but finding other 8-ply tires in this price range with this quality will be a challenge. If you need a solid, all-around tire, the Dirt Commander is a good option.

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Kenda Bear Claw EVO

Kenda Bear Claw EVO: Cheap UTV Tires

No list of quality, cheap UTV tires would be complete without something from Kenda, and the Bear Claw EVO is a darn good tire. With biting, directional tread, the Kenda Bear Claw EVO is a solid performing 6-ply tire. It’s not uncommon to be able to completely outfit your ride with new rubber for less than $300 and Kenda tires are legendary for their durability. If you’re on a budget, go with Kendas.

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STI Black Diamond XTR

STI Black Diamond XTR: Cheap UTV Tires

Another tire that adds performance without killing your wallet is the Black Diamond XTR from STI Tire and Wheel. These are a solid mid-level mud and all-terrain tire that are radially constructed to run smooth on hard pack. They even qualify under DOT regs for road use if need be. If your stock tires are not digging in like you need, but you can’t justify spending big bucks, the STI tire is a good option for your UTV tire needs.

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Interco Swamp Lite

Interco Swamp Lite: Cheap UTV Tires

If you find you need a more serious mud tire but still have that pesky budget to work with, the Swamp Lite tire from Interco is an option you might want to consider. Deep directional lugs, 6-ply construction and good center-rib treat design makes this a decent trail tire and a good performing mud tire that falls on the cheap side of the price range.

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  • Steve Buckshire

    These are great tires. I’ve tried each one of them on my ATVs at some point in the past 10 years. My favorites are the Sedona Rip Saw. You can find most of these tires at https://www.bargaintire.net/

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