How to safety carry firearms on your off-road vehicle

Looking for the best way to carry your firearm on your ATV or UTV? Here are eight of the best ATV gun rack options currently available.

ATVs are amazing machines and great tools for hunting and working around your property. When the time comes to carry a firearm with you when you ride your ATV, such as during hunting season, you want to know that you have the best ATV gun rack you can get. You want your firearm safe and secure, and you want to be able to easily access it when you want too.

Legal Stuff

One thing you need to keep in mind is whether or not the manner in which you are carrying your firearm on your ATV or UTV is legal where you are riding. In certain areas, firearms can be openly carried in your off-road vehicle. In some areas, the firearm can be carried openly and loaded as well. While other areas require the firearm to be enclosed in a case of some kind, even on an ATV. We’ve even heard of places where not only must the firearm be cased, it must be located so as not to be readily accessible for the driver to reach without first exiting the vehicle. Make sure you’re well aware of the local laws regarding transport of your firearm on your ATV. This will help you decide which is the best ATV gun rack for you.

Knowing What To Look For

We like to hunt and we use our ATVs and UTVs to help us. We’ve tried and tested just about every major brand of ATV gun rack and ATV gun case out there, and some definitely work better than others. Based on our experiences, here are the best ATV gun rack options available today.

Kolpin Stronghold

Get used to seeing products from Kolpin on this list. Kolpin makes some of the best products in the industry and is often the brand of choice for vehicle manufacturers to include as standard equipment. One of the best ATV gun rack options you’ll find anywhere is the Kolpin Stronghold – the latest version of its gun boot. It consists of a hard plastic case with a soft case liner. You pop open the end and slide your firearm in. They have different size boots to fit different guns, from scoped rifles to shotguns and even pistols. This ATV gun case clicks into a bracket that you can mount just about anywhere on your ATV. It is much sleeker than older gun boot designs and holds extremely well.

Kolpin Rhino Grip XL

The biggest size of Kolpin’s Rhino Grips turns any spot on your ATV or UTV into a gun rack. These work very well and we’ve tested them thoroughly. The soft rubber fins on the inside grip your firearm and then rubber straps that fit snugly over the top keep it secure.  You can adjust the angle of the grips and there are specialized versions to fit handlebars, roll cages, Polaris Lock & Ride accessories, and the Can-Am LinQ system. Kolpin also has a double version, should you need it. These grips also work great for hauling shovels, axes and other tools. Rhino Grips are, quite frankly, one of the most useful ATV and UTV accessories you can own.

Kolpin UTV Gun Rack

If you can legally carry a firearm in the cab of your UTV, this UTV gun rack from Kolpin is something you might want to consider. It mounts to the floor and secures two long guns to your vehicle. It adjusts to fit different UTV mounting locations and for different firearm types. Just make sure you know the laws very well where your take your UTV before installing this rack.

Seizmik Overhead Gun Rack

This UTV gun rack system mounts to your roll cage roofline and securely holds two firearms. The gun rack is made from durable nylon and cast aluminum and thick rubber straps secure your firearms. The design allows you to silently remove your firearm when you need it. These racks are specific to the diameter of your cage, so order the one that fits your machine.

Seizmik In-Cab Rifle Holder

This UTV gun rack mounts on the seat of your side-by-side vehicle and securely holds two firearms with proper muzzle control – pointed downward. The unit works best mounted in the middle of a bench seat and silently and carefully secures two firearms. Releasing the firearm from the mount is quick and you can do so without making a sound, perfect for when you are managing coyotes on a ranch.

Cujo Gun Magnet

For those that need to carry a pistol on your ATV, one slick way to do so is with the Cujo gun magnet. This is a rather unconventional ATV gun rack, but it works great. It has powerful magnets that hold the slide of your semi-automatic handgun. It is small and can mount virtually anywhere and be accessed silently. I have a friend in Wyoming that swears by his that he mounted to his ATV for times when he has to take care of coyotes that are after his livestock.

Great Day Power-Ride

A smart way to keep your firearms out of the way is with the Great Day Power-Ride UTV gun rack. This rack fits on the back of your UTV cab and can hold two guns in its protective, soft cradles with Velcro retainer straps. Designed to fit UTV frames measuring between 50 and 64 inches wide, the Power-Ride should fit most any Utility UTV on the market using an included mounting base. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and powder coated black, it can accommodate most any popular two-handed firearm.

Black Boar ATV Gun Holder

Black Boar makes a number of ATV and UTV accessories and one worth looking into is its ATV gun holder. This gun case mounts to the front or rear rack on your ATV and features a hard polyethylene shell that is dust and water resistant, along with a soft-sided inner case to protect your firearms. This case can hold left and right hand bolt action rifles or shotguns, including scoped guns with high mounts and up to 50mm objectives. Finally, the case boasts an integrated carry handle so its easy to take with you to your hunting blind.

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