Add some protection to your Defender

If you’re outfitting your Can-Am Defender for serious off-road duty, you should consider upgrading with a rugged aftermarket Can-Am Defender bumper.

A new Can-Am Defender bumper can help make your UTV more trail-ready in a couple of ways. For one thing, while the factory bumper in most cases does an adequate job of protecting the front of the vehicle from impacts that might otherwise compromise the radiator or bust out a headlight, it’s far from the best protection you can get. Upgraded Defender bumpers are often designed to provide better, more comprehensive coverage for your side-by-side’s most sensitive bits, or are manufactured using thicker tubing or higher-gauge steel for superior impact readiness.

For another thing, an aftermarket Can-Am Defender front bumper can expand your options when it comes to other upgrades like auxiliary lights and vehicle recovery winches. Many bumpers on the market ship with integrated LED lighting and pre-drilled recovery winch mounting holes that make your life easier by simplifying installation.

To help you lock down the right Can-Am Defender bumper for your ride, we’ve put together a list of all the best options on the market.

Rival Can-Am Defender HD5/8/10 Front Bumper

Rival Can-Am Defender Bumper

With some of the best, most comprehensive front-end protection available and compatibility with HD5, HD8, and HD10 Defender models from 2016 up, this Can-Am Defender front bumper from RIVAL is one of the more expensive options out there, but it’s well worth the investment. It’s made primarily from 1.65” steel tubing for added strength and crash resilience, and unlike the factory bumper, it wraps all the way around the headlights and extends over the front fenders to protect a larger area from damage. It also fully encloses the headlights, with slim, unobtrusive bars to protect the lenses, and it’s finished with a durable black powder coat that resists abrasions, keeps the elements out, and helps prevent corrosion.

SuperATV Heavy Duty Sheet Metal Front Winch Bumper

SuperATV Heavy Duty Sheet Metal Front Winch Bumper

A rugged, stylish Can-Am Defender bumper from a brand with plenty of cachet, the SuperATV Heavy Duty Sheet Metal front bumper fits a wide range of models from 2016 up, supporting HD5, HD8, and HD10 powerplants. Unlike most side-by-side bumpers you’re liable to find, this SuperATV bumper is made from sheet steel, with a full 1/8” of thickness for extreme heavy-duty protection. The bumper extends underneath both headlights for better coverage than a factory bumper, and a tubular steel hoop provides extra protection for the radiator and front bodywork. What’s more, this SuperATV Can-Am Defender front bumper ships with a pair of D-ring shackles to assist in vehicle recovery, and it’s been designed to maximize the ease of installation for SuperATV’s own 6” or 12” light bar and 3,500-pound winch.

Wild Boar Can-Am Defender HD5/8/10 Front Bumper

Another heavy-duty thick-gauge sheet steel bumper from a respected brand, this Wild Boar bumper is laser-cut and CNC-formed from heavy-duty thick-gauge steel, with a tubular hoop and nearly full-width front-end coverage, just like the SuperATV option listed above. What sets it apart is its slightly more aggressive appearance, with a vented front skid piece and big stencil “WILD BOAR” branding, not to mention an available pair of auxiliary LED light pods that mount flush with the front face of the bumper for a clean, low-profile look. The bumper is reinforced and pre-drilled to accept winches from Warn, KFI, SuperATV, and other popular brands, giving you the option to move your recovery winch to the top of the bumper or leave it in the stock location, and the whole thing is finished with a durable black powder coat.

BRP Can-Am Defender OEM Front Bumper

BRP Can-Am Defender OEM Front Bumper

No list of the best Can-Am Defender bumper options would be complete without mentioning Can-Am’s own OEM bumpers, which are among the most competitively priced units on the market. There are two OEM bumper versions available: an XT-style one, and an X MR version. Both are formed from sturdy 1.5” steel tubing with a heavy-duty black powder coat finish to resist abrasions and corrosion; the big difference is that the X MR bumper features an integrated winch plate for relocating the winch from the stock location to a position above the bumper. While the XT-style OEM bumper doesn’t have that feature, it does boast a pair of light bar mounting holes, and no matter which one you opt for, Can-Am’s OEM front bumpers are durable, relatively light, affordable options for off-road front-end protection.

KFI Can-Am Defender Rear Double-Tube Bumper

KFI Can-Am Defender Rear Double-Tube Bumper

One of very few rear protection options available for the Can-Am Defender, this KFI Can-Am Defender bumper is about as simple as they come, consisting of a couple of straight steel tubes with a black powder coat finish. Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best ones. The upsides of that simple construction is that installation is a breeze, and the price tag is modest, to say the least. Best of all, this bumper doesn’t intrude on the Defender’s bed tilt function, so long as you haven’t installed a rear hitch. It’s simple, it’s inexpensive, and it keeps you from bashing your tailgate into a tree while you’re backing up. What more can we say?

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