Every year during riding season, you put your machine through all the mud, water, and dirt the great outdoors have to offer — but when your ATVs and UTVs are off the trail and off duty, they need to be protected from those very same elements. Leaving your machine sitting out unprotected in the beating hot sun, the pouring rain or in the snow during the offseason is a surefire way to cause extensive and costly damage.

Protect your ATVs and UTVs for storage and trailering by purchasing a reliable cover that suits your needs. To help you make the final decision, here are a few of our current picks for the best ATV covers and best UTV covers on the market.

Offering maximum weather protection makes CarCovers.com Weatherproof MAX Shield UTV Cover one of the best UTV covers around.

If you’re looking for maximum weather protection, the Weatherproof MAX Shield UTV Cover from CarCovers.com is your best bet. Made of extra-thick denier fabric, the Weatherproof MAX Shield provides excellent durability to keep your UTV perfectly preserved whether you’re storing it for the offseason or just taking a weekend off. That means protecting your machine not just from the elements but also finish-ruining culprits like tree sap and bird droppings. Meanwhile, a special chemical treatment designed to resist UV rays makes sun damage a thing of the past.

The key to any truly weatherproof cover though is how it handles wetter weather. By combining its water-resistant material with covered vents, this allows the Weatherproof MAX Shield UTV Cover to repel water while also remaining breathable, to combat mold and mildew.

The fully elasticized hems ensure a snug fit, with durable, reinforced built-in straps with reflectors. As an added bonus, CarCovers.com backs the extremely durable Weatherproof MAX Shield UTV Cover with a limited lifetime warranty. However, it’s worth noting that this cover is intended for storage only, not trailering.

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Coleman MadDog Gear All Weather Protection ATV Cover

Looking for the #1 ATV cover? This Coleman MadDog Cover tops our list of the best ATV covers.

From one of the most trusted outdoor gear makers, Coleman offers the MadDog Gear All Weather Protection ATV cover — an affordable option that holds up better than some of its more expensive counterparts. Owners report this cover fits almost any ATV perfectly, even with extra seats or added storage. An elastic band with hooks at the bottom keeps it from slipping so that you can store it and walk away until the next time you ride.

Made of a durable 300 x 300 denier polyester, the cover holds up against snow during winter storage, but some report that it is not 100% waterproof against rain and that the color can fade due to sun exposure after a couple years. Still, this Coleman cover is a solid option for protecting your ATV from offseason weather and sun when you’re not riding.

Tusk UTV Cover

One of the best-selling and highest-rated UTV covers online, owners love the Tusk UTV Cover not just because of its durability and fit, but also for its impressive low starting price. The Tusk UTV cover was designed with heavy-duty, water-repellent polyester and UV-resistant nylon. The rugged design protects your UTV or side-by-side from water, snow, and sun damage, while breathable vents prevent moisture and mildew buildup. While perfect for outdoor storage, this cover is not for trailering.

Also, though the cover has elastics to help it fit securely, some users suggest sizing up to allow full coverage of the tires – especially if you have attachments or bumpers.

Badass Moto Gear Heavy Duty ATV Cover

For ATV riders willing to spend a little extra, the Badass Moto Gear ATV Cover is a durable, reliable option for storing and trailering.

For ATV riders willing to spend a little extra, the Badass Moto Gear ATV Cover is a strong option for storing and trailering. This cover is offered in three sizes for ATVs up to 95” length. Available in black or camo print, both come with reflective strips to make the cover easier to see at night. Made of a heavyweight waterproof material with taped seams, it is extremely durable and built to last against the elements.

With built-in elastics at the front and rear, as well as four-way securing straps down the sides, the cover holds in place for storage or trailering. A tank access zipper also makes it easy to fuel up on your way to the trails. With consistently great reviews from owners and a three-year warranty, this Badass Moto cover is worth the extra cost.

Cabela’s Deluxe UTV Cover

A staple of outdoor life, Cabela’s products rarely fall short of expectations -- and their Deluxe UTV Cover is no exception.

A staple of outdoor life, Cabela’s products rarely fall short of expectations, and their Deluxe UTV Cover is no exception. This heavy-duty cover was built to withstand anything the elements can throw at your UTV. Unlike many lighter-weight covers that disintegrate with extended sun exposure, this cover was designed with heavy-duty 600 denier nylon with a special sun-blocking UV treatment. For the damper months, a polyurethane coating resists moisture while a soft cotton liner helps prevent scratching, and a shock-cord in the bottom hem keeps it snug. Although the heavy-duty material means it is durable and long-lasting, riders with mobility restrictions should keep in mind that it is quite heavy to put on and remove by yourself.

Dowco Guardian ATV Cover

The Dowco Guardian ATV Cover is a suitable option at a reasonable price, which is why it makes our list of the best ATV covers.

If you’re looking for an ATV cover to simply store your machine inside your garage, the Dowco Guardian ATV Cover is a suitable option at a reasonable price. Made of a lightweight polyester, this cover can be prone to ripping and water leakage when used outdoors in inclement weather, so it is best suited for basic indoor storage. Offered in black or camouflage, it comes in a variety of sizes with an elastic hem around the skirt.

Another great perk of this cover is a built-in interior pocket made to hold a Dowco alarm system (sold separately) to protect your ATV from thieves! With a starting price at under $50, this cover is a great basic solution for indoor storage that won’t break the bank.

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  • DesertHam

    I have no need for a cover for my new Honda Recon. It fits very nicely inside my 5′ x 8′ cargo trailer – a portable garage. My daughter has a new Honda Rancher which she parks inside her 5′ x 8′ cargo trailer. Dry and secure inside beats an outside cover any day.

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