Best Polaris RZR 170 Accessories and Upgrades

Aaron Brzozowski
by Aaron Brzozowski

Add protection and performance with these accessories for the Youth RZR

If you’re shopping for Polaris RZR 170 accessories, it can be hard to know where to look. The smallest RZR occupies a unique position in the sporty side-by-side UTV space, catering to juvenile riders ages 10 and up who aren’t yet ready for a full, adult-size side-by-side. That makes it an appealing proposition for parents looking to get their kids started driving, but unfortunately, the UTV’s niche status means the market for Polaris RZR 170 accessories isn’t as comprehensive as for many other, full-size sporty UTVs.

Yet add-ons for the RZR 170 are available, if you know where to look, from roofs and windshields to wheels and underbody protection. Here, we’ve compiled a list of our picks of the best Polaris RZR 170 accessories for your kids’ Side-by-Side, in the categories of safety, practicality, and protection against damage.

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1. Editor's Choice: SuperATV 1/4" Windshield

The Polaris RZR 170 is a great option for juvenile riders, largely because of its safety and stability, but you can take that safety a step further by installing a strong, shatter-resistant windshield like this one from SuperATV. It’s made of 1/4-inch polycarbonate, providing more-than-adequate protection for your budding young UTV enthusiasts, and it’s hard-coated on both sides for superior scratch-resistance. It’s also custom-made for the RZR 170, guaranteeing a perfect fit, with a full-length rubber seal at the base of the windshield. If you youngster likes to go out for a spin even when the temperatures drop, a quality windshield will also make this a lot more comfortable in the cockpit by keeping the biting wind out.

2. A&S 1/4" Roof With Spoiler

Speaking of safety, a roof is another smart safety addition you can make to your RZR 170, and this 1/4-inch piece from A&S Audio and Shield Designs is an excellent choice. It’s made from durable ABS plastic, which offers outstanding resistance to heat, scratches, and impacts, and it features an integrated spoiler for a sporty appearance. It will also keep the sun and rain off your young driver’s shoulders. The panel mounts to the UTV easily, using a set of four rubber-sleeved clamps that eliminate squeaks and rattles.

3. OxGord Grab Handles

Things get bumpy off-road, which is why add-on grab handles are among the best – and simplest – Polaris RZR 170 accessories out there. These universal OxGord grab handles install in seconds using industrial-grade velcro, securing onto the RZR 170’s factory roll cage and giving the RZR’s passenger something to hold onto when the going gets rough.

4. Polaris Front Brush Guard

No matter how good a driver your child is, the odd frontal impact from branches, rocks or just about anything else you can think of is bound to happen from time to time. To keep those bumps from becoming an expensive headache, consider installing a front protective brush guard, like this one from Polaris. It’s crafted from 1 1/2-inch tubing with a durable black powder-coat finish, and apart from potentially sparing your wallet from costly trail damage, it also helps protect occupants from brush, branches, and large debris. Plus, it just looks cool on the Polaris Razor 170.

5. Sylvania 10" LED Light Bar

If additional lighting is useful on a full-size UTV, the same can be said for the Polaris Razor 170. While you can look for a premium light bar from the likes of Rigid Industries, KC HiLites, or Baja Designs, we went with a more affordable option from Sylvania for this list.

This 10? Sylvania LED light bar relies on OSRAM LEDs to produce a claimed output of 2000 effective lumens with a mix of spot and flood. And despite its wallet-friendly price point, this light bar is still IP67 rated water resistant up to 3 feet for up to 30 minutes. And the whole thing is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

6. RT Pro 2-inch Lift Kit

While it is designed for young drivers, you can add some performance to this compact UTV with a Polaris Ranger 170 lift kit. While it’s not exactly cheap, this 2? lift kit from RT Pro will give you added ground clearance so you can clear larger obstacles in the trail without worrying about scraping the underside of the RZR. Besides the extra two inches of clearance, this kit also widens the machine by four inches for additional stability.

This kit relocates the upper shock mounts and the front spindles while retaining the stock front A-arms. According to the manufacturer, the A-arms stay at the same angle as stock while the spindle is lowered, which provides better A-arm clearance than kits where you have to replace them.

Installation is a reasonable simple process and the rear shock relocation mount will bolt in place without you having to drill holes in your chassis. You will, however, have to lengthen the chain slightly to work with the kit, but the extra link is included. In fact, everything you need is in the kit, including extended brake lines and wheel spacers.

7. Whip Flag

So long as you’re shopping Polaris RZR 170 accessories, a sturdy, high-visibility whip flag is an absolute must-have. There’s a reason whip flags are required in ORV parks across the country: they’re simple and effective. There are plenty of whip flag options available out there, but we prefer ones with bright colors that are easily visible. You can even get some RZR whip flags with lighted poles for extra visibility…and some added cool factor for good measure.

8. Overhead Storage Bag

You can add a bit of versatility to your Polaris RZR 170 with this overhead storage bag, which installs by simply looping over the factory roll cage bars, allowing your budding young UTV enthusiast to carry some essentials when they venture off. It features four zippered cargo areas with dust flaps to keep items clean and dry, and it’s the perfect size to hold things like a compass, whistle, insurance card, and cell phone – things that could come in handy out on the trail.

9. ITP SS112 Wheels

Next on our list of Polaris RZR 170 accessories is a good set of wheels. New wheels can really expand your options when it comes time to change tires, and these ITP SS112 units are a big step up from the UTV’s factory stamped steel parts. Exceptionally lightweight and yet incredibly strong, these alloy wheels are among the sharpest-looking options out there, and they allow for larger-diameter tires than the factory units. A larger diameter means more contact patch; more contact patch means more traction. Just note that in order to run ITP’s front 10×5 wheels, you’ll need wheel spacers like these ones to step up from 4x110mm to 4x144mm lug spacing.

10. BOSS Audio BRT26RGB Sound Bar

Young drivers like music just as much as we do, so why not treat them to a quality sound bar like the BOSS Audio BRT26RGB . This compact unit packs in four 4? speakers and a pair of 1? some dome tweeters that are powered by a built-in amplifier. The whole thing connects to a smartphone or any device you stream music from via Bluetooth.

More than just an audio system, the BOSS Audio BRT26RGB also adds some style with its ability to light up in a variety of colors. A wireless remote lets you control the music and the light. BOSS backs it up with a three-year warranty.

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What size are Polaris RZR 170 wheels?

Up front, the stock wheels on the Polaris RZR 170 are 9 inches in diameter and in the rear are 10 inches in diameter. All four wheels use a 4x110 bolt pattern, which is different from the rest of the RZR vehicles (4x156).

What size are Polaris RZR 170 tires?

The Polaris RZR 170 rides on 19x7-8 tires in the front and 20x10-9 out back. However, you can upsize to 22-inch tires (depending on model) without having to deal with spacers. Any larger, though, and spacers are a must.

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