There are several good reasons to swap out your Polaris RZR seats. Maybe you want one that fits you better, or your stock seats were damaged? Perhaps you just want a custom look, or you could be racing and need different support? Regardless of your reasons, there are some really good replacement seats available for your RZR. Here are some of the best Polaris RZR Seats available to give you a better ride.


This PRP seat is a little wider than the stock RZR seat. It has a nylon-coated suspension liner, giving your butt a little more give when dealing with gravity while on the gas. The seat has thick, dual-density foam for comfort. The seats have extra width and are designed to keep you planted in the same place in the seat as you ride, instead of sliding around on the seat. The side effect is that, in the event of an accident, you will stay planted in the seat and experience more safety. These PRP RZR seats will work with multi-point seat belt harnesses, as well as the stock seat belts.

Pro Armor Seats

Pro Armor is another company known for high-quality products. In fact, Polaris owns Pro Armor, but the company still makes products for other brands. The Pro Armor RZR seat is similar to the PRP, in that it is wider than stock with a built-in suspension system for your butt and back. It is covered in durable, thick UV-resistant vinyl and it bolts right on using stock hardware. These RZR seats also accept aftermarket harnesses, or the stock seat belts. You can also select various color options for a cool look.

ACE's Racing Seats

This pair of front suspension RZR seats has a slot built in for a 5-point harness. These seats have a quilted backing and an internal suspension system with highly bolstered seat bases for security and comfort. They have plastic, molded inserts for the headrest seat belt slots. They use the stock hardware, and will fit most RZR models, but older models will require an adapter kit. Being a two-pack, you actually get a great deal on a pair.

Simpson Vortex Seats

The Simpson Vortex seat is designed to allow easy entry and exit of your RZR while still providing the support and protection you’d expect from a high-quality performance seat. The Simpson seat will mount to the factory seat sider, but will require specific mounts to fit it to your particular model RZR. Like most aftermarket seats, the Vortex RZR seat will accommodate 5-point harnesses , or it can still be used with the factory seat belts.

Beard Seats Torque V2

The Beard RZR seats are wrapped in marine-grade vinyl for longevity but they don’t just stop there. A lot of time went into making these seats fit your body great and add support where needed, while still making them look great, too. The way the back is formed allows for full mobility while still supporting your back in the spots that need support. The notched seat makes the seat easier to remove, but at the same time allowing extra comfort for larger riders with the seatbelt. Multiple color options let you customize the look of your machine, too.

Do aftermarket Polaris RZR seats make much difference?

There are several reasons to swap out the seats in your RZR. The most important reason has to do with comfort. Stock seats are great and were designed to fit a wide range of riders, but they can’t fit everyone perfectly. Aftermarket options are available that offer more padding in select spots, suspension systems in the seat base for aggressive riding and overall better support for racing applications. Another reason is simply the look. If you’re going for a cool, custom build, you will want seats that match the look you’re going for. Either way, there are seats available to fit whatever you need from your machine.

Do suspension seats really help?

Suspension seats add a bit of  extra travel to your overall feel when you hit a bump, or land a jump. The seats have some give in the seat base that absorbs some extra impact to your tailbone region and that can help with aggressive driving. These types of seats tend to offer a more comfortable ride for going fast, but aren’t as soft as those seats with additional padding, so it mostly comes down to personal preference.

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