Just because you are riding in the dunes, doesn’t mean you don’t need proper riding gear. We’re here to help with a list of the best riding gear for sand dunes.

There are two main reasons to take the time to dress properly for a day of riding in the sand dunes – safety and comfort. Not adhering to those two tenants can ruin your day, your riding season and much more if you’re not careful. But have no fear! We’re here to give you some helpful pointer that will help make your dune-shredding fun and comfortable as well as safe.  With our choices for best riding gear for sand dunes, you’ll not only stay cool, you’ll look cool, too. We promise!


LS2 Subverter

You always see people out riding in the dunes, with sunglasses and a backwards baseball cap on. They’re having fun and ripping around. You may be tempted to join them and not wear a helmet. Don’t do it. Yes, it is sand and it is kind of soft. Trust me when I say that at speed, it’s not soft. And just because your UTV has a roll cage, don’t think that is enough protection. How would your head feel if you hit it against that roll cage? Or the dash? When you hear about fatalities from accidents, you rarely hear them say, “They had to pull his helmet off.”

You also don’t have to be hot. There are several amazing helmets out there with outstanding ventilation that will help keep you cool. The LS2 Subverter helmet has about as many vents as we’ve ever seen. And it is one of the sharpest looking helmets on the market these days. For about $200, you get a helmet that will keep you cool and looking good. That combination all but guarantees a spot on our list of the best riding gear for sand dunes.

Shop for an LS2 Subverter helmet here


Fox Air Space Goggles

Ever get sand in your eye? It sucks, doesn’t it. Now imaging you’re flying down a dune at 60+ mph, and you get roosted by someone traveling at a higher speed? That little piece of sand is now a silica-based bullet that just imbedded itself into your cornea. Always wear eye protection and the best route is a pair of goggles.

Fox Racing makes some truly awesome stuff, but for sand riders, their Air Space Sand Goggle is the stuff. These goggles use closed-cell foam to prevent any sand from entering the eye area. They have a special tinted lens for dealing with the sun, that also work well on overcast days. A clear lens is included, too.

Shop for Fox Air Space Goggles here


Klim Mojave Jersey

There are a bunch of reasons to wear more than a tank top when in your UTV. And if you’re on an ATV, that list grows. First, for 89% of us, no one wants to see you in a tank top. Seriously though, a long-sleeve shirt is a better option for safety. Plus, it’ll help reduce the risk of sunburn. And remember what we said about sand in your eye? Well, it’ll hurt your skin, too.

A vented jersey is a smart move. It’ll give you the protection you need, and still keep you cooler than a thicker jersey. Klim makes some of the best out there as it has been in the business of making gear for extreme riding conditions for a long time. The Klim Mojave jersey is made for riding in extreme heat and it looks sweet, too. Even the name implies this is some of the best riding gear for sand dunes.

Shop for the Klim Mojave jersey here


Firehose Flex Pants

I know – it’s hot. But wearing shorts while you ride is, again, asking for trouble. If you’re in a UTV, you don’t really need to wear motocross-style pants to be covered. For the past few months, I’ve been wearing and testing Duluth Trading Company Firehose Flex pants. I can tell you that these are soft, comfortable and move with you. There is no restriction in the cut and yes, they have the Ballroom gusset in the crotch area. I highly recommend these pants for off-road use as they didn’t make me cook in the heat of Moab, and they hold up to abuse.


Perfekt Boots

By now you can probably guess that I’m going to tell you that flip-flops and your UTV don’t mix. Wearing a sturdy boot that goes up over your ankle is really the only smart choice for safety. I can tell you about worse circumstances, but just imagine getting out of your ride to dig out after getting stuck because you somehow lost momentum. You’re wearing flip-flops or sandals and while you’re digging or pushing, you roll your ankle. I have been using an abusing Cabela’s Perfekt Lite Hiker boots for over a year now and they still look great, fit amazing and are probably the best boots I’ll ever own for riding. There is good ankle protection, great traction from the sole and they don’t make my foot overheat thanks the cork insoles.

Shop for Cabela’s Perfekt boots here


Fox Legion Jacket

You may be thinking you don’t need a jacket, but have you ever been in the desert at night? It may be 100 degrees in the day, but at night, it gets cold. A good jacket is a smart thing to have along and is definitely among the best riding gear for sand dunes. The Fox Racing Legion jacket is pretty sweet, too. It moves with you in the ways you move when you’re riding. It helps keep you warmer, but isn’t so heavy that it weighs you down. There are plenty of vents and the sleeves zip off to help you regulate in the in-between times. There are also reflective strips to help keep you visible at night. Plus, it just looks sweet. I was checking these out at my local dealer and am pretty sure I’m buying one.

Shop for the Fox Legion jacket here

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