For many of us, it was our father, or father-figure, who helped start us onto our path with ATVs and UTVs. He got us our first machines and taught us the right and wrong ways to ride. Or, perhaps you were the one to introduce him to the sport and now he loves it as much as you do. Either way, you and your dad now share a mutual love of ATVs and off-roading. What better way to celebrate this Father’s Day than by helping him enjoy it that much more?

What is Father’s Day, and what does it mean to you? Sure, we get the cliche part of it, with the cheesy card and the tie, but what is it really? For many of us, it’s a day to celebrate and appreciate our dads, whether that person helped out on the biological side of it, or not. We often look at our dads with hero-tinted glasses, and for good reason. Maybe he taught you how to ride, or how to spin the wrenches on your machine? Maybe you taught him? You’d be surprised at the number of older, new riders getting into the sport. This day is special because you get to celebrate your dad, being a dad and all things associated with the greatest name a man can be called – Father.

What Should I Get Dad for Father’s Day?

This Father’s Day, when you’re thinking of the perfect gift, look for something that you know your dad can really use and enjoy. One of the things we often lose as adults is enjoyment. We go to work every day, and then come home to things that need to be done around the house. Traditionally, that’s why dad always got that new tie on Father’s Day. It was something useful for work, but deep down, your dad really wanted something fun. Bring back the fun this Father’s Day!

New Goggles

100% Accuri Goggle

New goggles make a great gift. They are something that makes the ride more enjoyable while helping your dad see better on the trail too. One of our favorite goggles is the 100% Accuri Goggle. Features include triple-layer foam for moisture management, anti-fog and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens, industry-leading nine-pin lens retention system, and oversize 45mm silicone-coated strap. The Accuri is available in a wide range of colors (frame and lens), but this gunmetal frame with red lens might be our favorite combination.

New Helmet

A new helmet is another great gift for dad. It says you really care about his safety. The holiday is also a great time to get your dad something that he might not get for himself, so maybe it’s the right time to get him that top-shelf helmet he wants but won’t spend the money on? The Fly Racing Formula Carbon helmet is amazing. We’ve been testing one for a while now and feel it is more comfortable than any helmet we’ve used previously. Airflow is amazing and there is definite peace of mind knowing it is one of the safest helmets on the market for protecting your dad’s head during an accident. Looking for other helmet ideas? Check out our list of the ten best available, or you can just get him the Formula. He’ll be happy either way.

Polaris RZR Cover

Even the toughest of dads deserve some downtime for Father’s Day. Why not give his ATV or UTV the same kind of relief with a premium ATV / UTV cover from

The Weatherproof MAX Shield UTV / ATV Cover is the most durable cover they make, and it’s built to last. It’s got a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so your dad will know your affection lasts longer than the 24-hours of Father’s Day. Plus, it’s an all-weather cover made from thick UV treated PolyShield Material, so whether he’s used to ascending desert dunes under the blinding sun or gliding over snowy trails, his machine is protected from all the elements.

This cover is also designed with dual built-in air vents that encourage airflow to keep from trapping moisture. And the highly breathable Denier fabric naturally fights mold, mildew, and rust.

There’s no better way to show your dad you care than to show him you care about his tools and machines too. Check out the Weatherproof MAX Shield UTV / ATV Cover from

Magnetic Fingers

Motion Pro Fingertip Magnetic GLoves

There is work and then there is WORK. Many dads, us included, actually like to do some work-type stuff, like spinning the wrenches on our machines. It is very peaceful – most of the time – and is the means to an end, by getting things ready to go for a ride. However, it can sometimes lead to fits of uncontrolled swearing and objects may occasionally fly across the garage. One small tool you can get dad this year that would save countless fits of frustration is the Magnetic Fingertip Glove from Motion Pro. This inexpensive tool is perfect because he can use it to hold nuts and bolts in places hard to reach. Trust us when we say dad will love this and will use it all the time. We do!


SSV Works WP-UO4L Overhead Stereo System

Everyone thinks that dad’s music is old. You should hear what our kids say about our taste in tunes. It’s probably pretty close to what we said about our dad’s music back in the day. Since your dad is cooler than most, he’ll probably get a real kick out of being able to enjoy blasting his music inside his UTV as he rolls on down the trail. We’ve covered several different audio systems available for UTVs, but one of our favorites is the SSV Works 4-speaker overhead system, which is designed to fit a wide variety of UTVs. It provides a lot of quality bang for the buck and we’re 100% certain your dad will appreciate it. You? Maybe not as much depending on whether or not you have to ride with him.

Vintage Look

Fox Racing Shirt

If your dad has been riding for a while now, chances are good he remembers the fun Fox Racing graphics from days gone by. If your dad is really cool, he may have even owned some. We’re not saying we did, but… we did. Fox Racing has a huge selection of graphic t-shirts with all sorts of different designs. While the selection is huge, Fox Racing tends to make cool products and your dad will surely like whichever one you pick out for him.

New Lid

Fox Racing Hat

Kids are fun, especially when it comes to picking out the right gift. They always want to find just the right thing that dad will really like and use. Hats are always a safe bet, especially with the summer months upon us. You can help keep the sun out of your dad’s eyes with a new cap. There are some great brand-specific hats out there from brands like Honda, Yamaha, and Polaris, you can always stay with Fox Racing to find something he will like no matter which machine he keeps parked in the garage.


Magellan TRX7 CS 1

Exploring new trails is a recipe for a good time, but knowing where you are going and, more importantly, how to get back is a must. The best off-road GPS system we’ve ever tested is the Magellan TRX7 CS (read our review here).

This unit gives you access to 115,000 mapped ORV trails and boasts a built-in digital camera with GPS tagging so your dad can share his adventures with the whole family. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity and one-touch social media sharing.

When was Father’s Day First Celebrated?

The first known celebration of all things “Dad” was way back on June 19, 1910 in Washington State. While Mother’s Day became a national holiday in 1914, it wasn’t until 1972 that Father’s Day became an official national holiday in the United States. Of course, we like to celebrate both our moms and dads all the time. After all, they were the ones that helped us get our first ATVs.

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