A winch can be the difference between making it back at the end of the ride, or taking the long walk back and thinking over and over again, “How am I going to solve this one?” Putting a winch on your ATV is cheap insurance and you’ll find you have more uses for it that you initially think. They are great tools to have.

There are several different sizes of winches out there and for larger UTVs, you want to go bigger. But for a standard ATV, a 2,500-pound capacity winch is more than adequate for just about any use you’d need a winch for. A 2,500 winch can pull your ATV out of the muck, handle a snow plow or clear most trail obstacles.

Not all winches are created equal, however, and you definitely get what you pay for. Spend more, and get a quality winch, especially if you’re going to be using it often. Get a good, quality winch and then get the proper mount for your machine. You’ll save yourself a ton of headaches in the long run. Here are five of the best you can get.

Warn ProVantage 2500 Winch w/ Synthetic Rope

Warn Winch 2500

The old saying that you get what you paid for is very true when it comes to winches. If you want the very best, you get a Warn. Want to make it better? Get a Warn with synthetic rope. A Warn is so well built and designed, that it is going to work all the time. Add the synthetic rope to replace the cable, and you’re even better off. Cables can bend, break and fray. You don’t get that with the rope.

Warn’s ProVantage 2500-pound winch is available here.

Superwinch Terra25 2500LB Winch


Superwinch is right there close to Warn in reputation for quality and the Terra line is very heavy duty. A nice touch with the Terra is the inclusion of a remote switch on a 50-foot cord to keep you safely out of harms’ way when you’re winching.

You can buy a Superwinch Terra25 here.

Moose 3000LB Winch with Wire Rope

Moose Winch

Okay, so it’s a little more than 2,500 lbs, but Moose is widely known for making some of the very best aftermarket ATV accessories out there and their its are no exception. You may notice another brand name on the image, too. That should tell you a little something. These come with a remote switch, which is a sweet feature.

Pick up a Moose 3000-pound winch here.

Tusk Winch

Tusk Winch

Tusk products, the house brand from Rocky Mountain ATV, has gained a reputation for being really high quality at a decent price. Tusk winches are a great way to save some scratch.

You can buy a Tusk 2500-winch here.

Kolpin ATV Winch

Kolpin Winch

Kolpin has been making great accessories for years and now that it are owned by a major manufacturer, the quality is that much better. What’s better still, some online retailers have amazing deals on these winches. A great deal is always hard to pass up!

Click here to check out a Kolpin 2500-pound winch.



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