You’re out for a casual cruise on your ATV, just enjoying the trail and the scenery. Man, it’d be great if you could listen to some music too, right? You can with the right kind of stereo system that will work for your ATV. Getting the right kind of speaker is a key part of that, too. Thankfully, long before anyone wanted a stereo system for their ATV, people have been wanting to kick out some tunes on their boats and motorcycles. From that semi-aquatic love of music, we get marine-grade stereo components that can handle the elements that we often expose ourselves to while out riding. If you want to enjoy some music while out on the trail, here are some of the best ATV speakers available today.

BOSS Audio MCBK420B Speaker System


This is a pretty interesting set of speakers. The basic kit consists of two three-inch round, enclosed speakers that have built-in clamps to mount to your handlebars. They’ll mount to any bars ranging from 0.75-inches to 1.25-inches, so you can play around with where you want to mount them. You can upgrade the kit to a set of four speakers, too. You could then mount the other two to the rear grab bar, or perhaps to your racks if the tubing is big enough, or you have some sort of homemade spacers. The kit also includes a two-channel, Bluetooth-compatible, 600-watt amplifier with an inline volume control you can mount anywhere. It’s a pretty slick setup and gives you some options to mount things where you want.



What makes the NOAM NUTV4 one of the best ATV speakers is it was designed for marine purposes first. That means the speakers, amp and Bluetooth remote are all water resistant, so you can ride anywhere with confidence. This kit includes a pair of four-inch marine speakers powered by a four marine channels amplifier. These 100-watt speakers feature a poly injection cone and one-inch PEO Neodymium dome tweeter. The NBTA-R controller offers Bluetooth streaming and easy pairing with your mobile device. The package is affordable and easy to install.

Planet Audio PATV85

Planet Audio PATV85

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include one of the fully self-contained, U-shaped ATV speaker systems that are available. The Planet Audio PATV85 is seriously cool, too. It has eight-inch speakers and 1.5-inch tweeters for serious sound. It has an internal 700-watt amplifier that cranks out the juice. There is a Bluetooth interface that mounts anywhere, and the whole unit plugs into your 12-volt outlet on your machine. This gives you some versatility with where you mount it, and when you want to move it to use elsewhere, it’s easier still. There is a storage compartment built into the casing and a 24-LED lightbar that sheds a little extra light on the trail for you. Everything is sealed up and water tight.

Rockville RWB80B

Rockville Audio

Not everyone needs a complete system when it comes to the best ATV speakers. If you already have a stereo system on your ATV and just need some additional speakers, or you already have the amp and media interface, give these 6.5-inch marine speakers from Rockville a try. They are 300-watt speakers that are made for wakeboard towers. However, they work amazingly as ATV speakers, too. They can handle abuse and water just fine. They are completely sealed and have steel-reinforced mounting points. They mount to any bar-style surface that is 1.26 to 2.05 inches in diameter. A longer screw can make them fit larger diameter bars as well. They sound great, too. If you’re into expanding your current system, or making your own setup, this is a good start.

Polk Audio DB402

Polk Audio DB402

Taking the DIYer theme a little further, if you’re looking to build your own mounting casing, and want the best ATV speakers you can get, well, it’d be hard to beat the quality of Polk Audio for pure sound recreation. Seriously, Polk Audio is a premium brand, and its four-inch marine/ATV speaker is pretty amazing. Each pair has a 270-watt operating load and is completely waterproof. The pair comes with a Rockville Rockmat sound-deadening kit that helps reduce unwanted vibrations and reverb. These speakers feature Polk’s Dynamic Balance technology for the best sound quality. That’s the same stuff they use in their home theatre speakers, so you know it’s going to be amazing.

Who Makes the Best ATV Speakers?

Deciding who makes the best ATV speakers totally depends on you and what you want. If you want a pre-sealed system that you simply plug and play, there are several that work amazing. If you’re looking for a custom setup with sealed speakers that you can mount anywhere, there are quite a few of those, too. Of course, if asked to pick the best audio quality, and the best ATV speaker together, we’d have to go with Polk Audio speakers, but you’d have to create your own setup, as those are sold just as the bare speaker. It’s all a matter of what you want, and how much you want to spend, but then again – doesn’t that apply to just about everything?

Where Should I Mount My ATV Speakers?

One thing to keep in mind when mounting your ATV speakers is interference with your control. Don’t mount anything that will interfere with your ability to ride the machine safely. No amount of music is worth that.  You would usually want to mount speakers ahead of you, as if you mount them behind you, you have to compete with the sound of the exhaust and engine. You don’t have the sound deadening on an ATV that you’d find in a car or truck.

A word of caution, too. Don’t play your stereo so loud that you can’t hear what’s going on around you. That’s why headphones aren’t really a good idea. You need to be able to hear what’s going on around you. It’s all about being safe.

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