Adventure helmets are an ideal option for ATV and UTV riders who wear glasses, thanks to their flip-down face shields.

Helmets are comfortable, stylish and in most cases, reasonably priced. One style gaining in popularity are adventure helmets. These look like a regular full-face dirt helmet, including the visor, but they offer a flip-down face shield to protect your eyes, too. That makes them a great choice if you wear glasses, or if you want to wear sunglasses on a bright, sunny day. Here are five of the best adventure helmet options you should look into if you’re in the market.

Editor's Pick - Bell MX-9 Adventure

Bell MX-9 Adventure

The Bell MX-9 Adventure is based on and has many of the features of Bell’s Moto-9 MX helmet packed into a polycarbonate shell for reduced costs. The MX-9 Adventure is a great helmet with various shield options, including a pricier one with an auto-darkening feature for when a clear morning turns into a bright day. You can also find these helmets with MIPS impact protection technology built in; an added bonus for the thrill seeker in us. Even better is the price. These are very reasonable adventure helmets. The combination of features and safety level, matched with the reasonable price makes the Bell MX-9 Adventure our Editor’s Pick.

Most Economical - Fly Trekker

Fly Trekker

I know, I’ve written about the Fly Trekker helmet before, but it’s hard to pass over. It’s a high-quality helmet that fits great, offers good ventilation and protection and the cost is very reasonable compared to other adventure helmets. It has a poly-alloy outer shell and a removable liner for cleaning. The eye-port is wide enough that you can flip up the shield and throw on a pair of goggles should the need arise, like if the trail gets muddy.

Best of the Best - Arai XD4

Arai XD4

For those of you looking for the best, the Arai XD4 might be it. Arai already makes great helmets and it recently worked hard to improve its adventure offering, resulting in the XD4. It is heavily vented and offers you many options to adjust the fit with moveable padding inside the liner. Meeting SNELL 2010 and DOT approvals, this is a serious helmet for the serious rider. Each weighs around 4.8 pounds and it is backed by a five-year warranty.

Klim Krios

Klim Krios

Again, the Klim Krios is not a cheap helmet, but a worthy one for sure. The Krios is a carbon-fiber-based helmet that is lightweight, at around four pounds, and extremely sturdy, meaning you’ll be protected in case of the worst scenario. It is well ventilated, but those vents can be closed off for use in cold-weather applications. Klim is an adventure company with off-road roots that run deep. You’ll know your skid lid is going to work well for the type of life you lead.



HJC is one of the biggest helmet producers in the world and it sells a wide range of quality skid lids. The HJC DS-X1 is a lower-priced polycarbonate-shell helmet with decent ventilation and quality construction. The liner is moisture-wicking and anti-microbial to keep you cool, and reduce the risks of a stinky helmet. Plus you can remove it and wash it when it gets nasty.

We keep pounding you with information about helmets and buying and wearing them, but it’s only because we care. Wearing a helmet can save your life. Most of us here are only here today because we were wearing a helmet at the moment when things did not go as planned.

Why do I want a visor on my helmet?

Adventure helmets are styled like a motocross helmet and therefore have a visor. The great reason for having a visor is to help keep sun and glare off your eyes while you’re riding. It is similar to why you’d wear a hat with a visor on it. The great thing with an adventure-style helmet is that most of these models allow you to remove the visor while still keeping the eye shield. The visors allow the eye shields to flip up, too.

Do I really want an eye shield?

You really need to have eye protection, and for those of us that wear glasses, that can lead to issues. Glasses alone are not adequate eye protection as most aren’t rated for impact protection, and they don’t help at all when it comes to dealing with dust, mud rain and more. An adventure helmet with a flip-down shield gives you that protection that you need without the hassles you can run into.

Is an adventure helmet hot?

That was a real concern for a lot of riders because the shield can keep more air from flowing through the helmet compared to a regular motocross-style helmet. Today’s modern adventure, or dual-purpose helmet has increased ventilation to help offset that. The nice thing too, is that many of these helmets let you close off that venting, giving you a better experience in colder weather.  Play around with the helmet and you’ll find that ventilation is pretty good with any helmet on this list. These type of helmets were originally invented for riding dual-purpose motorcycles. Those riders demand a helmet that fits well, has good ventilation and above all, keeps the rider safe. Those are the same things UTV and ATV riders want.

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