Food plots have become as much a part of the hunting landscape as the tree stand, it seems. The use of ATVs and UTVs in making and maintaining food plots is also a major part of that landscape as they are a natural fit and there are a number of food plot implements to help you on your way.

From plows to spreaders to sprayers, we are showcasing some of our favorite food plot implements that can be attached to your Utility ATV or UTV. You’d be surprised just how much your machine is capable of when it comes to maintaining your hunting food plot. Pick up a few of these and see how much better your next hunting season goes.

Kolpin DirtWorks System

Dirtworks 3-point

Kolpin makes a lot of great products, but its new DirtWorks system is simply awesome. It converts the two-inch receiver on your ATV or UTV into a three-point system like on a tractor, complete with an electronic control to raise and lower the implement. From there, you can select disc-plows, harrows, chisel plows and more. It is a one-stop setup for making an entire food plot. Look for more on this system down the road.

Groundhawg Max Plow

Groundhawg Max Plow

Sometimes you just need something simple, and the Groundhawg is that – a simple disc-plow that connects to your vehicle’s receiver. It uses the weight of the machine to push into the ground, so you’ll need ramps to set the depth when you plow. We’ve used one of these plows for two years and have been impressed with how well it works. You need a machine with a strong two-inch receiver. These are also extremely durable, as after two years of use, ours still looks as good as new.

Moultrie ATV Spreader

Moultrie ATV Spreader

After you get your plot tilled up, it’s time to spread the seed. This spreader from Moultrie has a hopper than can hold up to 100 pounds of seed, lime or fertilizer. It is powered by a 12-volt motor. Other features include an easy on/off lid, abrasion-resistant deflection shield, adjustable shut-off gate to regulate the amount of product dispensed, built-in quick release for simple detachment, and a universal mounting bracket that is compatible with most ATVs.

North Star High-Pressure Spot Sprayer

NorthStar High Pressure ATV Sprayer

There are a lot of great ATV sprayers on the market and our favorite is this North Star High-Pressure spot sprayer. This sprayer can deliver up to two gallons per minute at full open flow and has a maximum pressure of 200 psi that allows you so spray up to 30 feet away. Other features include an adjustable spray nozzle (atomized mist/wider cone/narrow stream), commercial grade plunger pump for easy priming, 35-foot hose, and a tank that holds up to 16 gallons.


Warn Axon 55 Powersports Winch

From personal experience, we can say that a winch is a must have implement. As you’re going along plowing, it is entirely possible to get stuck, and we do mean STUCK. It happened to us just last year. Another plus to having a winch is that it can be very helpful in clearing debris, such as a fallen tree, from the area you want your plot.

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