Sometimes you need tires that are lightweight or cheap or designed for the mud. Other times you want the toughest ATV tires you can find.

We’ve talked about a lot of different tires over the past months. While price is often a common dividing line when it comes to selecting new meats for your ride, there are some other factors you can consider. If you’re looking for mud tires, for example, you want to look at what will give you the best traction. One area of consideration that may not be at the top of your list is just how tough a tire is.

Not many think about the durability of their tires until they get into situations where that becomes an issue. Ever get miles down a trail and have a tire go out on you? Yeah, that sucks. I recall the first serious time it happened to me and rest assured, when I went to replace those tires, toughness and durability came into play when making the call on new ones. Here are five of the toughest ATV tires available today based on first-hand experiences and insight from industry professionals.

Maxxis Bighorn 2.0

Maxxis Bighorn 2.0: Toughest ATV Tires

If there was one tire that has set the bar for durability and toughness these days, it is the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0. These radial tires are used as the OEM rubber on many rides and with good reason. They get traction and hold up well. There are many sizes available to fit just about any machine and these tires have been proven from snow and mud, to mountains and even in hardcore racing action at Baja.

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Kenda Bear Claw

Kenda Bear Claw: Toughest ATV Tires

I found it to be pretty funny that one tire that made the list for good cheap ATV tires also makes the list as one of the toughest ATV tires on the market, but Kenda did just that. The Kenda Bear Claw is a great, durable tire that just happens to be pretty inexpensive, too. I’ve had several sets of various Kenda tires on different machines over the years. They have all done extremely well and held up in terrain that has shredded other brands.

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Sedona Rip Saw

Sedona Rip Saw: Toughest ATV Tires

I hooked up a set of the Rip Saw tires from Sedona on a project Can-Am build a while back and have so far been impressed with not only the traction but also the durability. During my Sedona Rip Saw review period, I made numerous passes through some really nasty terrain, spinning the tires through snow, mud and lots of rocks. The other ATV I had along got a flat from some of the rocks, but the Sedona’s still look new. I’m impressed so far and have no problems calling them one of the best tough-tire buys.

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ITP Holeshot HD

ITP Holeshot HD: Toughest ATV Tires

With so much of the ATV emphasis on utility and trail machines, it can be easy to forget the sport quad scene, but there are a ton of Sport ATVs out there. I know, I have a couple myself. And I also know how quickly you can go through tires when you ride aggressively, which is what makes the Holeshot HD from ITP a good choice. There are quite a few versions of the popular Holeshot design, and the HD is one of my favorite for durability and hook-up.

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STI Roctane XD-K

STI Roctane XD-K: Toughest ATV Tires

STI makes a great tire and the Roctane XD-K ATV tire adds dual Kevlar belts into the makeup of the tire for added durability. The Kevlar combined with the 8-ply design makes these extremely durable tires and a great choice for rocky terrain – conditions where the toughest ATV tires really shine.

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What is the Best All Around ATV Tire?

When it comes to choosing the best all around ATV tire, it’s a very difficult decision. All of the tires listed above offer impressive overall performance and durability.

That being said, the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 might just be the best all around ATV tire in the industry. While the Bighorn 3.0 is a touch more durable thanks to a firmer compound, the 2.0 is lighter and offers fantastic traction in a variety of conditions – front hard pack trail to mud to rocks.

What Are Your Favorites?

Now… is this the end-all-be-all list of the toughest ATV tires? Of course not. There are quite a few others that could easily make this list. These are just five that we’ve had some good experiences with. How about you? What are your go-to tough tires?

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  • CDAHealth

    you missed probably the toughest ATV tire available….Pitbull Rocker Uber. I have a set and they are absolutely indestructible.

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