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Yamaha’s stellar YXZ1000R sport side-by-side is one of the most capable machines on the trail. Outstanding suspension and handling, coupled with a proven, reliable, high-performance engine makes for a machine that is truly a blast to drive and one that is 100% Yamaha. But we all have something within us – a need for speed. And that’s not just a catchy, Tom Cruise tagline, either. It’s real. We like to go fast!

The Yamaha YXZ is a rocket ship in stock form, but Yamaha is well aware of the capability of the machine and their engine. If you live in areas with snow, you probably already know about the Yamaha Sidewinder and the stunning horsepower the engine makes. This is the same engine found in the YXZ1000R, just in a non-turbo charged form. It’s an amazing platform to build upon, so here are the best ways to a faster Yamaha YXZ1000R.

1. Editor's Choice: GYTR Yamaha YXZ1000R Turbo Kit


Right off that bat, let’s talk about a YXZ1000R turbo kit! Yamaha doesn’t make a turbo-charged YXZ1000R you can get off the showroom floor, but they know people want it, and they sell a kit under the GYTR brand that makes up for it. This turbo kit isn’t cheap, but serious horsepower never is. This kit boasts that it’ll boost you up by as much as 60% over stock horsepower. We all know Yamaha doesn’t list their horsepower readings, but A lot of reputable folks have said the turbo snowmobile version makes around 210hp. Will you get that in your YXZ? Not likely, but you’ll see some serious boost. This kit comes with everything, and I do mean everything, to turn your stocker into a turbo-charged monster. Better yet, it’s factory, so you know it fits.

Tip: Unless you are extremely mechanical, this is a project you might want to let your dealership install for you.

Pros/Up to 60-percent increase in horsepower
Cons/Cost and technical expertise required
Bottom Line/When you absolutely, positively want to blow your buddy's RZR off the sand dune...

2. Factory Fun: GYTR Race Cylinder Head Assembly

Cylinder heads

More goodness straight from the factory. Yamaha’s racing division offers a full-race cylinder head kit that comes fully assembled with REM-finished GYTR race camshafts and a CNC-ported head for increased flow and power, without giving up reliability and rideability. That’s the major thing you get with this kit. You can always take your stock parts and send them out to be worked over by the aftermarket, but can you be sure of the reliability of the engine afterwards? It’s not a given for sure. One of Yamaha’s requirements for every product they make is reliability. This is like having a factory works machine that you can actually buy. When it comes to YXZ1000R performance parts, this one is tough to beat.

Tip: You need to run 110-112 octane fuel with this setup, as well as use a Dynojet Power Commander.

Pros/Factory power - FACTORY POWER!!
Cons/Again, it's pricey and you may need a dealer to install properly
Bottom Line/Nothing like having the same engine as a factory race team.

3. Gibson Performance Dual Exhaust

Gibson Cool

Gibson Exhaust is  one of the better-known brands for exhaust systems across all motorsports. Its dual exhaust system for the Yamaha YXZ1000R is just cool, and it gives you a boost, too. This system is an easy bolt-on setup with a muffler that has no internal packing. It has dual outlets and has a built-in spark arrestor to make it USFS legal. The system gives you a  seriously cool sound as you rumble across the trails. It gives you a 6hp boost, too, which is pretty good for an exhaust system.

Tip: Easy bolt-on with stock mounting locations makes this a quick add on.

Pros/Lowest sound levels for aftermarket exhaust and a 6hp boost
Cons/Still going to be louder than stock
Bottom Line/A cool and easy bolt-on way to a faster YXZ

4. Dynojet Power Commander V


Programmers are a quick and easy way to take control of your machine’s power delivery. If you want a faster Yamaha YXZ1000R, you need one and the best out there is the Dynojet. Even Yamaha recommends the Dynojet and if you run their cylinder upgrade, you have to have it. It lets you control everything about how fuel is brought into the engine, and how your machine reacts to it. You can fine tune your ride and get serious performance enhancement from one. Best still, it plugs right in and can be ready in an hour or two. There aren’t many YXZ1000R performance parts that are this easy to set up.

Pros/Performance boost and optimal control of motor
Bottom Line/You really owe it to your ride to get one

5. Rekluse Clutch


This option isn’t for everyone, but it can make your machine faster. The Rekluse clutch takes the manual clutch element away from the YXZ. In fact, Yamaha offers this kit as an accessory, and they have a version of the YXZ with it installed that you can buy. For those that aren’t as adept at using the clutch, having this system takes that out of the equation, and gives you perfect clutching to shift through the gears. This is a big boost to low-end performance, and for those that enjoy tight trails, this makes an already stellar machine that much better.

Tip: This is another product that, if you’re not sure of your skills, it’s best to let a dealer install.

Pros/Perfect clutching
Cons/The only negative is if you like to manually use the clutch, it takes it away
Bottom Line/A serious low end boost in how the machine reacts, making it faster

Going faster

When you look at the sport UTVs on the market and how a couple of brands have pretty much owned the turbo segment, you may ask yourself, “Why doesn’t Yamaha sell a turbo YXZ?” The answer is actually pretty simple – They don’t really need to. I know, don’t get mad just yet. Hear me out on this one. Yamaha already sells a ton of YXZ1000R machines. These machines are known for amazing suspension, outstanding handling and they’re just a ton of fun to drive. The company strives to make the most capable and dependable machines on the market, so adding a factory-installed turbo just isn’t the right option yet. Yet, being the operative word here. They have the technology, and offer the turbo kit as an add-on, as well as other parts listed in this story. You can bolt them all on and have a fire breathing beast that will smoke just about anything else on the trail. If that’s for you, you can do it with a YXZ.

One of the things we hear about is people wondering if adding parts to make your Yamaha YXZ1000R faster will affect the handling. After all, other OEM make turbo machines that are equipped from the factory to handle the power. Yamaha’s platform can handle it, too. Just do us a favor. Make sure you’re prepared for the added speed with the skills needed to handle it. None of us, or Yamaha for that matter, want to see you get hurt.

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Will adding a turbo affect my YXZ's reliability?

If you use the GYTR Yamaha YXZ1000R turbo kit, and follow Yamaha's guidelines, then no, it should not affect your reliability. That doesn't mean it won't possibly, but odds are in your favor.



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