Pack it Up, Pack it In with Moose Utility Division Storage Solutions

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Storage that fits your needs (and your stuff)

Hitting the trail on an ATV is a surefire tonic for wiping away the stresses of a tough work week. But it’s nearly impossible to get away from it all without taking at least some of “it” with you. After filling the tank and grabbing a helmet, there’s a good chance you’ll want to pack some grub (or tools) before heading off on your next off-road adventure. That’s where a trunk comes in handy.

Most ATVs have some sort of racking system aft of the seat, making it a perfect location on which to mount trunks and boxes. Moose Utility Division is an industry leader in parts and accessories for ATVs and UTVs, including storage solutions that cater to the hunter, rancher, outdoor recreationalist, or anyone else looking to hit the trails.

In other words, these units from MUD are light years ahead of that sketchy plywood cube with a cheap padlock hastily assembled by the old man with scraps he found under the shed. (And if you think that’s an all-too-specific example, well, you’re right.)

Moose Utility Division storage solutions include this Rear Storage Trunk is made from polyethylene hard plastic.

A much better solution? Try this Rear Storage Trunk that’s made in the US from polyethylene hard plastic. Measuring over three feet wide and almost 1.5 feet deep, this storage box has a hinged lid that’s double-walled for additional durability. The base, meanwhile, is single-walled, which is ideal for maximizing interior storage space. A pair of key-lockable latches ensures your gear will remain safe, and sure beats the heck out of that old padlock.

If your trail time usually involves bringing along a companion, be sure to check out the Diplomat Storage Trunk, one of the Moose Utility Division storage solutions.

If your trail time usually involves bringing along a companion, be sure to check out the Diplomat Storage Trunk. It, too, is constructed from robust poly and is rated as impact-resistant and UV-stabilized. While it isn’t meant to be used as a seat while riding, it does make a great perch once you’re at your final destination.

It also features locking latches, reflectors, and foam grips, arm and back pads, while the seat area measures about two feet wide (which is wider than most first class seats on an airplane, in case you’re wondering). Including the attached storage boxes, the whole unit is a shade under 42 inches across and is priced at less than $250.

The Helmet Storage Rear Trunk from Moose Utility Division is built to hold two helmets or other large items.

Leaving your helmet hanging from the handlebars while having lunch at your favorite spot, or going inside to pay for gas during a refueling stop isn’t always the smartest idea. The solution? MUD’s Helmet Storage Rear Trunk.

This rear storage compartment solves that issue with nearly 3.5 cubic feet of space, perfect to accommodate two helmets, or any other large items. Two draw-tight latches secure the lid, providing weather-resistant storage that mounts directly to tubular and composite racks. It also features a comfortable backrest and seat cushion — plus, as an added bonus, quick-access drink holders built into each side.

The Helmet Storage Rear Trunk from Moose Utility Division also features a comfortable backrest and seat cushion.

From front and rear storage racks and trunks to soft cargo bags, Moose Utility Division has all your ATV and UTV storage needs covered. Click here to visit the Moose Utility Division website and see which storage solution is right for you. Then go ahead and start planning – and packing for – your next off-road adventure.

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