QuadBoss Reflective Series Soft Luggage Review

Rick Sosebee
by Rick Sosebee
We add storage space to our Kawasaki Brute Force 750

Getting everything you might need for a good day’s adventure ride safely packed away on your machine comes down to the equipment you install to carry that gear. Having a tough, versatile set of rack luggage that is expandable can be the one key to a great day on the trail and QuadBoss is in the market of building just this kind of storage space.

Our 2015 Kawasaki Brute Force 750i has plenty of room for hauling extras on the front and rear rack, but we longed for just a bit more. That is why we turned to QuadBoss. With the extra tie-down points, the racks on our Brute Force 750i allow for the perfect location for QuadBoss’ newest rack luggage.

QuadBoss Reflective Series Front High

Attaching the QuadBoss Reflective Series Soft Luggage to your front and rear racks ads gobs of extra storage space to a Utility ATV.

QuadBoss’ Reflective Series Soft Luggage offers so many different uses and getting them stacked on the steel rack is as simple as snapping the tough plastic buckles around the steel racks. Squaring up the luggage for weight distribution is important and easily handled by evening out the strap in each buckle. These straps are reinforced with a style of Box-X stitching that makes them tough, so the luggage is sure to have a firm grip on the rack.

Once our front luggage was mounted, we installed the twin drink holders in the center closest to the ATV’s handlebars. These drink holders have a cinch-style closure that keeps your bottled refreshment tight inside. This would give us ample room for the smaller cooler-style bags nearest the ends of the front rack bag. The mounting system for each part of the soft luggage are these really trick little D-rings that are Quad Boss’ PAL system – Pouch Attachment Ladder. This gives us the ability to attach the drink holders, portable mini cooler bags, or any other QuadBoss accessory to this rack bag.

QuadBoss Reflective Series Drink Holders

Keep drinks at the ready and secure with these integrated holders.

We fell in love with the mini coolers right off the bat. These two detachable pouches are insulated, which makes them perfect for a small pre-frozen ice pack. They even come with shoulder straps for a trip away from the machine.

QuadBoss Reflective Series Detachable Cooler

Detachable coolers are a brilliant addition.

If you want to drop that extra jacket but need a place close to store it so it’s available if the weather changes, the Zig Zag shock cord on top of the luggage is where QuadBoss knew would be the right spot. The inside top cover of the front rack bag has a place for sensitive items like a map or hunting license. It comes with two net pouches to hold whatever you can dream up. The dividers inside the main compartment can be moved around using the Velcro attachment sewn into the dividers to accommodate your personal gear size choices.

QuadBoss Reflective Series Front Open

You can arrange the front storage area in a variety of configurations to suit your needs.

The zipper-less feature of our new Reflective Series Soft Luggage makes getting into the storage compartments super easy. Simply unsnap the large buckle and you are in. QuadBoss says the Denier 600 polyester construction materials will not fade and are water repellent. Large plastic buckles are easily opened with one hand and can be cinched down to keep the lid snug and in place during the roughest terrain.

QuadBoss Reflective Series Buckle

The Reflective Series Soft Luggage is secured with large buckles that are easy to open with one hand.

Once we had our front rack covered, it was time to focus on the rear rack storage. For this we choose the QuadBoss Reflective Series rear rack bag with integrated cover. This set of killer gear storage includes a small padded area in the center, in case you happen to need a place for a passenger. The compartmentalized system is built of the same tough material as the front system and has reflective piping around the lids as well as on the drink holders. These drink holders can be removed and strapped on your side for a quick-draw drink holder on your belt. The sectional system can also be used individually if you need storage somewhere else.

QuadBoss Reflective Series Rear

The rear luggage also offers increased storage and a place for a passenger to sit.

The side and rear storage boxes have a dual cover. When you lift the main cover or top, you then lift a second lid that is also fastened by Velcro strips. According to QuadBoss, this also keeps the mud and water from splashing in on our gear. Small strips of Velcro help keep the covers closed when we ride.

One item that we almost overlooked on our rear rack bag was the cover inside the bottom of the rear box. This water resistant cover is huge and reaches from the rear to the front of our ATV covering the storage, seat, handlebars and front storage system. What will they think of next? The cover could easily be used as a temp shelter if you really needed it, as it is big enough to cover an average sized rider from the rain. We bet there will be collapsible temporary shelter poles included in the next batch of product after QuadBoss reads this! Or at least we hope so.

QuadBoss Reflective Series Cover

An integrated cover protects the seat, handlebars and luggage from the elements.

The QuadBoss Reflective Series Soft Luggage will be a great asset for our trips down the trails. The fact that we can simply hose the bags off without worry is a huge plus. We do not miss many mud holes, nor do we tiptoe around when its wet out, so being able to easily clean the product is a huge bonus.

Visit QuadBoss.com for more information on the Reflective Series Soft Luggage.

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Product Information

Reflective Series Front Rack Bag

MSRP: $155.99

Part Number: 156668

Reflective Series Rear Rack Bag w/Integrated Cover

MSRP: $199.99

Part Number: 156667
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