ATV and UTV owners need to have a good selection of tools to keep their machines running right and we want to talk about the best tools for the job.

If you’ve owned an ATV or a UTV for any amount of time, then you know that you’ll have to perform a few routine maintenance tasks on the machine if you want it to keep running at the level you expect it to. Things loosen up, fluids need to be changed, parts changed – the list goes on. While standard household tools are pretty handy, there are a few tools that are either specialized for working on ATVs, or are just so handy that they make life easier on you enough so that you really should have them in the garage. Here are six of the best tools any ATV or UTV owner should own.

Low Pressure Tire Gauge

Tire Gauge: Best Tools

ATV and UTV tires run at a lower pressure than those on your truck. However, just the same as on your truck, you don’t want to go for a ride with wonky tire pressures. It can lead to weird handling, flat tires and even accidents. Have a decent low-pressure tire gauge handy. If it has a bleeder valve, that’s even better. That way you can easily check to see that your tires are ready for the ride, and even lower the pressure quickly if you’re planning a ride in sand or snow. It’s cheap insurance against expensive issues.

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T-Handle Wrenches

T-Handle Wrench

Ever been into the mechanics’ area at your local shop, or at a race? The guys who wrench for a living all have a lot of T-handle wrenches handy. The reason is, they work really well. While you may not need a whole set, get the size wrenches you use on a regular basis. One thing that I’ve found about T-handles that has held up for quite some time – they are harder to lose. I know I should knock on wood or something, but I’m always losing sockets and even open-ended wrenches. I have yet to lose the T-handles.

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Tire Plugger

Tire Plug Kit: Best Tools

It doesn’t even have to be a fancy kit, but you need a tire plugger. How many times have you run into a flat tire? If you say never, then you haven’t been riding long. Sooner or later, you’re going to have a flat, and that can ruin your day’s plans quick. The type of terrain we use ATVs and UTVs in is bound to put even the toughest tire to the test. Get a tire plug kit and keep it where you know it will be.

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Spark Plug Wrench

Plug Wrench: Best Tools

You’ll find out pretty quick that the spark plugs in your ATV are not the same as those in your car. The sizing is different and you’re going to likely go through more of them that your car. Most factory tool kits have a spark plug wrench in them, but you should have a good one for the garage too. A ratcheting one makes quick work of swapping out plugs.

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Cordless Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench: Best Tools

I’m not going to lie. I didn’t know just how important a cordless impact wrench would be until I got one. Think about it. Your machine was undoubtedly put together using power tools. Taking it apart for service and back together is going to require power tools as well. You’ll find you appreciate having one handy, especially when bigger maintenance issues come up

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Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench: Best Tools

And lastly, you need a good torque wrench. Your machine was built to specific tolerances, and deviating from them can cause issues and problems you don’t want. Make sure everything is tightened to factory specifications before you ride. A good torque wrench is exactly what you need for that.

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Now there are a lot more specialized tools that you might want, depending on your level of expertise and the issues you are fixing. Everything from flywheel pullers, to O-ring snaps; chain breakers, to clutch spring compressors. Enjoy wrenching on your own stuff. It is therapeutic and gets to be kind of fun.

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