We searched high and low to find some of the best ATV hunting accessories so you can turn your four-wheeler into the ultimate hunting companion.

We recently picked our top hunting ATV for 2018, but you can turn most any ATV or UTV into a great tool for hunters with the right ATV hunting accessories. Accessories are subjective because they are each very specific in task, and personal in selection. You know best what you need for your specific hunting trip. What we are including here are suggestions based on our own personal uses in the field as hunters and off-road enthusiasts.

Best Winch – Warn Axon 35-S

Warn Axon Winch

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You simply must have a winch on your machine for hunting. It can help get you out of some seriously bad spots, as well as help in game retrieval, and even processing. It is one of the most important ATV hunting accessories. Winch technology hasn’t changed much, until recently, and the old adage of “you get what you pay for,” rings true. Warn’s new Axon winch is a revolution in technology. The motor and controls are all fused into a single new unit, cutting install time and making the whole unit more durable. For most applications, a 3,500-pound winch will work just fine and this one comes with synthetic rope, a far better option than steel cable.

Best Gun Case – Kolpin DryArmor

Kolpin DryArmor

Now, this is separate from a gun scabbard. There are plenty of us who like to keep our firearms secure while transporting them without machines, but we want the option of taking the cased firearm away from the machine, too. Simply put, there is NO gun case outside of an airline-approved hard case that can do as good of a job protecting your firearm than the Kolpin DryArmor cases. None. Torture-tested, best-of-the-best stuff here, folks. There are multiple options for rifles and shotguns, and I have put both through the ringer. No damage, no rust, they float… Heck, you can’t even see wear on the cases. Best. Period. Go buy one. Easily one of our favorite ATV hunting accessories.

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Best Gun Scabbard – Can-Am Double Gun Bag

Can-Am Double Gun Bag

There are lots of great gun scabbards out there, most of them from Kolpin. This product is different. I have this one on my Can-Am Defender and have been using it for some time. It’s just really handy. It holds two guns with plenty of room. And it is very securely fitted to the Defender’s cab. There are pockets to hold stuff too, and it works perfectly for me when I’m goose hunting and setting decoys in the field.

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Best “Oh Shoot” Product – Peerless ATV Tire Chains

Peerless ATV Tire Chains

You need to go back and thank my grandfather for this. Growing up on the farm, I learned quickly that getting stuck and not making it back to the barn was not an option. It didn’t matter how nasty things got, the job still needed to get done. Being a hard-core hunter, I learned as well that sometimes when the weather it at its worst, the hunting is best. So, like my grandfather would do with the tractors, you chain up the tires and keep rolling. Want more traction from any tire? Chain up.

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Best Trailer – Bosski ATV Wagon

Bosski ATV Wagon

Not to be confused with the trailer you haul your ATV on, the Bosski ATV Wagon goes behind your ride to haul your hunting gear. Whether you’re going deep in country to set up deer camp, or you’re hauling decoys out across the slop to set the spread before the flight begins, the Bosski is about as serious as it gets when it comes to an ATV wagon. If you need extra cargo space and want it to be able to handle the terrain as well as your ATV does, this is it.

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Best Light Bars – Cyclops C3

Cyclops C3 Lightbar

I’ve been testing the Cyclops C3 light bars for a while now in several sizes and have been impressed. Not only are they bright and durable, but also the price is extremely nice. You can pay a lot more for a light bar, and I’m not saying that’s wrong. But if you want bang-for-the-buck best, this is the way to go. They have sizes to fit your ATV, UTV, truck… you name it. Good lighting is one of the key ATV hunting accessories you should seriously consider.

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Best Cooler – Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer

Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer

This was a tough one, but when it comes right down to it, the Cabela’s cooler wins out for being amazing at holding low temps and having the lower cost compared to some of the competition. They claim ice retention for up to 12 days and they aren’t lying. If you’re headed back into camp and score a buck on the opening morning, you can pack that meat into the cooler, kick back and enjoy a cold one while everyone else hunts. Don’t worry, the cooler will hold the ice and keep things cold.

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Best Tires – Sedona Ripsaw R/T

Sedona Ripsaw R/T

For an all-around hunting machine, these tires have been amazing in the past year that we’ve put them to the test. Deep lugs that grip everything, and self-clean when in the mud. Radial construction for a smooth ride and we have yet to get a puncture. They may not be the sexy pick, but these work and get the nod for best hunting tires.

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Best Extra Set of Hands – Kolpin Rhino Grips

Kolpin Rhino Grips

Kolpin is the best in the business at making accessories for ATVs that work. The Rhino grips comes in several variations and can mount just about anywhere. It gives you an extra set of hands to hold gear, like shovels, axes, pole saws, guns, and more. It is much better and safer than trying to hold onto something while you ride. It’s hard to find more useful ATV hunting accessories than Kolpin Rhino Grips and they are worth having for any ATV or UTV owner.

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Best Thing You Didn’t Know You Needed – Fiskars Machete Axe

Fiskars Machete Axe

Call it a multi-tool for the adventurous, this thing is cool. It combines a machete and a hatchet into one tool and you can use it for a lot of things. From clearing brush, to helping field dress a deer. I got one and threw it into the machine on a whim. Now I find myself grabbing it more than I ever thought I would. It’s pretty handy.

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