2013 AIMExpo: BeadBuster XB-450 – Video

Whether you’re looking to change a tire at home or on the road, BeadBuster’s new XB-450 bead breaker is a tool you may want in your arsenal. We had a chance to see it in action at the recent American International Motorcycle Expo in Orlando, Fla.

BeadBuster designed to XB-450 ($99) to apply a concentrated separation force directly between the lip of the rim and the tire bead. According to BeadBuster, the padded clamp ensures the tool is in the proper position, and that the ram foot will not slide down the sidewall.

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STI Debuts New Outback Tire Line

With the goal of making the most versatile tire on the market, STI Tire & Wheel has released its new Outback tire line.

“That goal was scored with a model that provides the comfort and control of dedicated hardpack trail rubber, while still delivering the grip and cleanout capabilities of a deep, open-lugged bogger,” STI says in a release.

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STI First to Put Aftermarket Tires and Wheels on Yamaha Viking

STI Tire & Wheel is the first aftermarket company to bolt tire and wheel products onto the new 2014 Yamaha Viking Side-by-Side.

Yamaha invited STI to its Cypress, Calif. headquarters and STI brought along a set of 28-inch Roctane XD tires mounted on HD2 wheels (4/110 bolt pattern, 5+2 offset – same as the Yamaha Rhino). The lug nut studs are 12mm so STI used its Lug Nut Part # LUG8, which is a 12mm x 1.25 tapered lug nut.

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Tucker Rocky Releases 2014 ATV and UTV Catalog

Anybody looking for parts or accessories for their ATV or UTV will be pleased to know that Tucker Rocky has releases its 2014 ATV/UTV catalog.

The 2014 ATV/UTV catalog carries brands such as QuadBoss, Warn, Maxxis, Kolpin, Dragonfire, Great Day, Swisher, and many others. Click here to see the catalog online.

We’ve flipped through the catalog and can easily find just about anything you’d ever need for your favorite machine. Everything from wheels and tires to luggage and trailers to agricultural attachments and implements is available.

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GBC Adds Two Sizes To Dirt Commander Tire Line
GBC Motorsports has expanded its popular line of Dirt Commander tires by adding two new sizes this year – one front and one rear.

The Dirt Commander is one of GBC’s best selling products. According to GBC, the Dirt Commander is extremely durable and puncture resistant and features deeply siped tread for exceptional traction in all conditions and 8-ply rated bias construction. As well, the Dirt Commander is suitable for both Side-by-Sides and Utility ATVs

“We take customer feedback very seriously and often the expansion of our lines starts by talking to the people that are out there riding and racing,” says Kory Ellis, GBC Motorsports representative. “Larger tire sizes are gaining popularity, but not everyone is able or willing to move to a 14″ wheel. As a result we developed these new sizes so that we could offer our larger 27″ Dirt Commanders for 12″ wheels.”

The two new Dirt Commander sizes will be 27×9.00-12 (front) and 27×11.00-12 (rear).

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Four New Sizes Added for GBC Kanati Mongrel Tires
GBC Motorsports has added four new sizes for its all-purpose Kanati Mongrel ATV and SxS tire.

The Kanati Mongrel is now available in the following sizes:

According to GBC, the Kanati Mongrel stresses versatility and functionality. The moderately aggressive tread pattern makes the Mongrel capable of negotiating a variety of terrain, while its DOT approved radial construction makes it safe and suitable for paved surfaces.

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ITP Introduces 30-Inch Monster Mayhem Tire
Halloween is long gone, but that hasn’t stopped ITP from introducing a new monster into its lineup – the Monster Mayhem tire.The Monster Mayhemn…
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ITP Releases New 30-Inch BajaCross and UltraCross Tire Sizes

Looking to expand its family of off-road tires to keep up with consumer demands, ITP has added new 30-inch tire sizes to its BajaCross and UltraCross lineups.

For the BajaCross, ITP has added a big, bold 30x10R-14 size. “This beast not only provides greater ground clearance to help a machine get over tougher obstacles, but because of a new, lightweight design it also offers better flexibility for an all-around boost in grip, handling and ride comfort,” ITP says in a release.

This new tire features an 8-ply rating and strong radial construction. ITP’s extended-life rubber compound and overlapping tread pattern are designed to provide a smooth, predictable ride as well as slow wear characteristics. As well, ITP says stepped lugs provide consistent tread edges as the tire wears, for predictable performance throughout the long life of the tire. Wraparound lugs provide improved shoulder protection, while a super deep Rim Guard offers what ITP calls “the best wheel lip protection in the business.”

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Moose Utility Division Unveils New 901X 6-Ply ATV Tire
Moose Utility Division continues to release scores of new off-road products. The most recent addition is the 901X 6-ply ATV tire.“This tire offers high…
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GBC Releases New Kanati Mongrel ATV/UTV Tire

GBC Motorsports has launched a brand new DOT approved tire for Utility ATV and UTV applications. Dubbed the Kanati Mongrel, the new tire will be available in a variety of sizes, with the first size now available from select tire dealers.

GBC borrowed the tread pattern for the Kanati Mongrel from its affiliated light truck tire, the Kanti Mud Hog. The Mongrel features an aggressive diamond-shaped lug pattern that makes is designed for a variety of off-road terrain.

With a 600-pound load capacity and an 87 mph “N” speed rading, the 8-ply Kanati Mongrel is built tough.

“This combination of durability and performance makes the GBC Mongrel the first true all-purpose tire built specifically for utility ATVs and Side-by-Side UTVs,” GBC says in a release.

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STI Introduces New Silverback-XLite Tire

STI Tire & Wheel has released its all-new Silverback-XLite tire, designed for riders who like to play in the mud.

“Mud enthusiasts around the country spoke, and we listened,” STI says in a release. “This new tire is based on one of the most successful mud tires of all time—the Gorilla Silverback—but the XLite is more accessible and useful to more riders.

The Silverback-XLite takes most of the features of the original Silverback and puts them in a lighter and more value-oriented package. According to STI, it still delivers maximum traction in deep mud from its distinctive, aggressive, widely spaced tread pattern, but with less bulk. The lugs range from 1.125 to 1.25 inches tall depending on tire size. STI stays this allows for smoother, more versatile performance when not slinging mud in your favorite bog. It’s easier on the machine, and when comparing costs, it’s also much easier on the budget with prices ranging from $99.95 to $176.95. This tire was rolled out at the recent High Lifter Mud Nationals in Texas and STI claims the tires were selling out as fast as they could be brought out.

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GBC Motorsports Expanding Dirt Commander Tire Line

GBC Motorsports is expanding its popular line of Dirt Commander tires by adding two new sizes this year (one front and one rear).

“The Dirt Commander is one of GBC’s best selling products, and with good reason,” GBC says in a release. “This all terrain tire is extremely durable and puncture resistant, and features deeply siped tread for exceptional traction in all conditions. The Dirt Commander is also suitable for both Side X Sides and Utility ATVs, and boasts an impressive max load rating thanks to its 8-ply bias construction.”

GBC Motorsports says it receives significant feedback from its customers via social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, and as a response to several requests has decided to push two new Dirt Commander sizes into the development phase. Based on this feedback, the two new sizes will be 27×9.00-12 (front) and 27×11.00-12 (rear).

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ITP Unveils Turf Tamer Classic ATV Tires

The folks at ITP are bringing back an ATV icon – Turf Tamer ATV tires!

“In the beginning there was ATV racing, and it was good. But the tires on those early three-wheelers? Not so much,” ITP says in a release. “Then came a tire that changed everything. The Turf Tamer provided stability, handling and traction that was unheard of in those early days of the sport. If a rider wanted to be competitive, he or she used Turf Tamers—there was no choice. And the Turf Tamer not only set the standard back then, it served as the blueprint for generations of performance ATV tires to come. Look at any sport quad tire today and you can easily see the resemblance to the original Turf Tamer.”

ITP is bringing back the Turf Tamer name with its new Turf Tamer Classic, available in two models. ITP says both models utilize a strong, lightweight, 2-ply carcass that’s been re-engineered to accommodate the characteristics of today’s four-stroke sport quad models.

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STI Releases New Vortex V-Roll Line of Sand Tires

STI Tire & Wheel boasts that it is transforming sand tire technology with the introduction of the all-new Vortex V-Roll line of tires.

“The Vortex V-Roll is a game changer for owners of large displacement UTVs,” STI says in a release. “Designed specifically for big-bore side-by-sides, this tire delivers the high performance needed for heavier, high-horsepower applications.”

This lightweight, 4-ply tire is being introduced in a 27×11-14 front and a 27×14-14 rear. By mounting on a 14-inch wheel, STI says the result is a super-wide, high-flotation footprint that keeps the machine on top of the sand instead sinking in. Also, this tire was designed to achieve a very low-profile sidewall to enhance handling by minimizing tire flex and lateral roll. According to STI, the sizing ensures proper front and rear brake clearance for all popular UTV applications.

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Wes Miller Finishes Second at Finke Desert Race in Australia

Wes Miller, founder of H-Bomb Media and the Bomb Squad, took to the red-soil trails of the Outback as he managed to finish second after two grueling days of racing. Tattersall’s Finke Desert Race is considered by many to be Australia’s version of the Baja 1000 and was held June 11-13. GBC Motorsports provided Miller with X-Rex tires to help him tackle the rough Aussie terrain as he competed with some of the fastest racers in the southern hemisphere.

Miller has plenty of experience in off-road racing, winning four Baja 500s in as many years as well as two Baja 1000s and three straight SCORE championships. Most recently, Miller helped teammates Wayne Matlock and Josh Caster win the Open Pro ATV Class in the 2011 Baja 500, just a week before the Finke Desert Race was set to begin. The team is leading in points in the 2011 SCORE season and is poised to win another championship.

Following a quick turnaround Miller and his crew spent the week in Alice Springs, Australia building a quad from the ground up. As title sponsor for Miller’s endeavor, GBC Motorsports provided X-Rex tires for the race.

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