Dillon Zimmerman Poaching the Las Vegas Motor Speedway + Video
Dillon Zimmerman makes tracks through the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on his way out to the Nevada desert to do some tires testing.
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Just Try Watching This Without Flinching + Video
We don't want to give it away, just watch this video and see if you can make it all the way through without blinking or flinching.
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ATV 24/7: Episodes 2 Through 6 [video]
If you’ve never had a chance to see ATV 24/7, it’s a very cool reality-type show that follows the AMA ATV Motocross Series. The series has had six episodes so far, and we’ve included all of them for you in this blog post.

It really is a well-produced series that goes deep behind the scenes to show the viewers the real tensions that racers and teams face every week.

Check out all six videos below the jump.

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The ATV Movie Trailer [video]
The maestro of ATV videos is at it again! Blake Shipman has released the trailer for his upcoming project “The ATV Movie.”

This 88-second teaser (available below the jump) features ridiculous freestyle and motocross action – and we even see a Polaris Ranger RZR representing the side-by-side contingent.

As we’ve stated before, Blake Shipman (BShipman Films) is as good as anybody at capturing fantastic ATV videos. “The ATV Movie” is scheduled to be released in September.

We also included a second video which includes some more action from “The ATV Movie.” This one is all freestyle action and includes some epic slow-motion shots that we had to re-watch time and again. Enjoy!

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Muddy Spring ATV Ride in Alberta [video]

One of the things I like most about YouTube are the ride videos people put together. Admittedly most aren’t very well produced (too long!), but you can usually find a few good ones.

I found this one (posted May 5, 2010) about an ATV ride on some private property in Baytree, Alberta (Canada) that was shot in April as the snow was still melting.

Anybody who’d ever ridden in the early spring knows it can be messy, and this video shows ATVers having plenty of fun in the mud and some deep water. Check it out after the jump.

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