Video Game Review: Coal Mine ATV
Playing Coal Mine ATV won’t cost you anything but your time. That cost is far too high.We’re always on the lookout for ATV-related video games an…
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MX Vs. ATV Franchise Hits 10 Million Sales
THQ announced the MX vs. ATV franchise has shipped over 10 million units to date since its debut in 2004.The next installment in the MX vs. ATV series &ndash…
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ATV Wild Ride Video Game Trailer [video]
ATV video game junkies have something to look forward to in the new year as Renegade Kid will release its latest title – ATV Wild Ride.

This game, which is designed for the Nintendo DS handheld platform, looks somewhat inspired by Pure, the multi-platform game from Black Rock Studio that we reviewed a couple of years back.

Here’s what the developer has to say about ATV Wild Ride:

Throttle up your ATV and leave your fear on the starting grid. ATV Wild Ride throws you into a nitro-charged trick-racing event across six exotic locations around the world, including Thailand, Russia, and England. Compete on extreme courses against an ensemble of fierce opponents from around the globe.

Dominate in World Tour, Quick Race, Freestyle, Elimination, Time Trail, and Multiplayer head-to-head (Wireless Multi-Card). Experience intense speed, catch massive air, and nail dozens of spectacular airborne tricks while you leave your competition in the dust.

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Video Game Review: ATV Stunt

I found a new but somewhat familiar looking free online ATV game called ATV Stunt.

This one is fairly fast paced and easy to pick up. The main goal is to complete each level as quickly as possible, but along the way you’ve got to pull off as many tricks as possible to accumulate points.

Back flips and front flips can be done any time, but there are seven other tricks you can only try after you run over numbered light bulbs. Not sure why the developers chose light bulbs, but who am I to judge. Regardless, once you run over a bulb you can hit the one of the number keys once you’re airborne to do the trick. You can get more points by combining the numbered tricks with flips. If you screw up a trick your ATV will explode and you will be vaporized – so no pressure or anything.

Levels don’t take long to complete, but I’m not sure how many are in the game. I got up to the ninth level before I began to fear for my job and got back to work. If you can beat that, either you don’t have a job or you’re probably the boss.

You can check the game out for yourself and play it on our site below the jump. Just be aware that the volume is quite loud, so if you don’t want to alert your coworkers you may want to plug in a set of headphones.

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Video Game Preview: Nail'd [video]

Video game fans may want to keep an eye out for a new ATV racing game – Nail’d.

We just saw video preview of the game, developed by Deep Silver, and it looks somewhat similar to Pure, a game we reviewed in 2008 for The preview doesn’t show the crazy tricks that Pure is known for, but the racing action looks aggressive and the game play seems fast-paced. The game is still a work in progress, but this preview doesn’t look quite as sharp graphically as Pure.

Unfortunately, the official site didn’t offer up a release date or even a platform. If the developers want to compete with the Pure or even MX vs ATV Untamed it’s going to have to be available on just about every gaming system. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything else.

Be sure to check out more photos from the game and the video preview below the jump.

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