Best ATV Battery Charger Options

Battery technology has come a long way over the past several decades, but it still isn’t perfect, and if you don’t have a good ATV battery charger to keep topped off, you’re flirting with disappointment. Your ATV’s battery is slowly discharging itself as we speak, leaving you with fewer cranking amps to get going when it’s time for your next ride. If you ride frequently, that’s not such a problem; your ATV’s electrical system supplies a constant charge to the battery so long as the engine is running. If you let it sit for too long, however, your battery can deplete to the point that you don’t have enough juice left to get it started.

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CTEK Giving Away Battery Chargers and Maintainers

As we’ve written about in the past, CTEK battery chargers and maintainers have come in very handy for many ATV and UTV riders. While we’d have no problem recommending you spend your hard earned money on one, free is certainly better.

For your chance to win some free CTEK goodies, head over to and enter the CTEK Living Life Fully Charged Contest. All you have to do is “like” the Facebook page and upload a picture of yourself with your ATV or UTV. The contest is open until March 31, 2014.

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