An ATV Freestyle Christmas + Video
No ugly sweater Christmas party will measure up after you see this wild video of Santa Clause, Rudolph and X Games Gold Medalist Colten Moore throwing down.
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Top 10 ATV Videos
Huevos 3 – H-Bomb Films The third installment of the popular Huevos Grandes Series, this video introduced us to the wild man who became somewhat of…
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Dustin Wimmer Part of New ATV Film [video]

Blake Shipman, one of the premiere ATV/freestyle filmmakers, spent some time with ATV motocross champion Dustin Wimmer to shoot for “Revolutionary,” his new ATV film that will be released this fall.

Shipman loaded a three-and-a-half minute teaser of Wimmer footage on YouTube to whet your appetites for the upcoming main course. Check out the video below the jump

As is always the case with Shipman’s videos, production quality is awesome and Wimmer provides him with plenty of nice ATV MX action. It’s always good to see a pro like Wimmer in action, even if it does make us feel inadequate. Consider us hungry for the final cut!

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