Polaris Takes Swipe at Can-Am Commander [video]

While the brand new Can-Am Commander has been getting plenty of headlines in recent months, the folks at Polaris decided to remind everybody that the RZR S is still the sportiest UTV on the block.

Perhaps taking a cue from Yamaha’s video which rather openly bashes the Honda Rancher, Polaris put together a video pitting its Ranger RZR S 800 against the Commander 1000 XT in an “Off-Road Challenge.”

As you may suspect (seeing as Polaris produced the video) the results of the competition are not glowing for the Commander and Polaris shouts it from the treetops. Here’s a sampling of quotes from the video, which you can watch for yourself after the jump:

“The Ranger RZR S clearly dominated the Commander when it comes to sport-specific design.”

“With its shorter wheelbase and higher center of gravity, once the Commander starts bucking there’s no stopping until you’re off the bumps.”

“Ranger RZR S delivers a level of agility Commander simply can not match.”

“Hit the gas for a straight ahead drag race and the two machines are dead even out of the hole and up to 20 miles per hour. After that the Commander starts to pull away, but only if you keep going in a straight line on a smooth track. Straight line drag racing has nothing to do with off-road sport performance.”

“Despite its ample horsepower, Commander clearly lacks the suspension and agility to deliver true sport performance.”

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