Yamaha Supported Racers Win Big in 2016
It's been a big year for Yamaha-supported ATV and UTV racers. Both the new YXZ1000R Side-by-Side and YFZ450R earned multiple championships in 2016.
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Corry Weller Wins TORC Championship in Yamaha YXZ1000R
Weller was the only racer to podium in every race Yamaha Racing’s Corry Weller won The Off-Road Championship Series’ (TORC) first ever Pro Stock…
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Yamaha YXZ1000R Dominating LORORS
Dustin Nelson and Corry Weller have won 11 of 12 races Yamaha’s factory-supported Dustin Nelson and Corry Weller are having unmatched racing success pi…
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Yamaha Announces Supported ATV and UTV Racers for 2016
Among Yamaha-supported ATV racers are Chad Wienen Walker Fowler, along with UTV racers Dustin Nelson and Corry Weller in 2016.
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DragonFire Joins Forces With Corry Weller
Corry Weller will be competing at part of Team DragonFire in the 2016 Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Series short course races.
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Corry Weller Wins LOORS SR1 UTV Title
ATV.com contributor Corry Weller won the LOORS SR1 UTV title at the season’s final race, held Dec. 10 in Phoenix, Ariz. The SR1 class features heavily…
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Corry Weller Rides Her SR1 to Victory [video]
ATV.com contributor Corry Weller sent us another video of her insane SR1 (Yamaha Rhino outfitted with R1 motorcycle engine) racing in Surprise, Ariz.

We’ve ridden with Corry before, and she’s scary fast. It’s wild to see her tearing up the short course in her SR1. This thing just flies! Watch it barrel through the gnarly whoops section of the track. Deviate films put together this awesome video, which is available after the jump.

Corry is working on an article on the SR1 build, so stay tuned to ATV.com to check that out in the coming weeks. We can’t wait! In the meantime, you can watch the video or see the article she wrote us on her racing Rhino.

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R1 Powered Rhino at LOORRS [video]